Here We Are

Welcome to our homeschooling journey. I am a Mom who loves teaching my babes. My kids are 21 months (Bee) and 3 months (Sweets) old. They keep me on my toes running here and there. In between all of the crazy I try and fit in moments that I can teach them. Moments, none of this work book or official follow a specific daily schedule as of yet. That will come years down the road. I want my babes to have a love for learning that will last their whole life. That being said we have a lot of fun and read an enormous pile of books on a daily basis.

I know traditional school doesn’t start for another few years but I thought, why wait? I need to start now, not for Bee but for me. It takes a while for me to get organized and actually decide on what I want to do specifically. I know I won’t always have as much time to look over curricula and gather supplies. If I can get some ground work done then the rest should be easier. Right? ….Right? Well I have the personality where I could research til I’m blue in the face before I actually start anything. It’s a problem! I know I will change my mind a dozen or so times before I have things just the way I want. Instead of waiting until I have figured out all of the specifics I’m just going to jump in. It seems that until you really jump in you don’t know what will work or wont work for yourself or your kids.

I’m still freaking out about this decision, home education. Have you been here before? I could really use any tips. Please drop me a line with any of your seasoned tidbits. I would much prefer to not have to learn all my lessons the hard way, as I often do.

Maybe I’m crazy or maybe I’m just crazy enough for this to work. Either way I’m excited for our adventure and I hope that you enjoy your read.

I can’t wait to see how things work out so cross your fingers, pray for us or do whatever you believe in.


Side By Side Learning 2014



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