No Time Like the Present Time

We are starting at Letter A and will be going through the alphabet with a few detours to incorporate seasonal themes. We are focusing on introducing letters, sounds, colors, animals and  having lots of fun while mixing in learning. Each week I will have a main theme, Letter of the Week, then sub-themes that I use to choose specific activities. For the most part I try and have my sub-themes based on a book or upcoming event and scripture for our family study.

Each week I will post how our week looked, resources that we used, the various activities that we did and how we tweaked them to fit the special needs of our family.

I will include a breakdown of our religious family study. We are following Confessions of a Slacker Mom’s, Walk Beside Me Preschool Curriculum. Walk Beside Me is an LDS based preschool curriculum. Most of the weeks focus on Bible stories however there are a few differences depending on which version of the Bible you read. Bee is still too young for the majority of the activities provided but I love the ideas and it gives me a place to start. I intend to use these ideas and build upon them based on our needs as a family. Part of our religious study is Family Home Evening (FHE). FHE is a night that we set aside once a week to gather as a family for a lesson, a fun activity and of course treats. With our young family this is quite simple and quick but as they grow so will our program.

In the parenting world reading at least 20 minutes a day is often brought up. In order to accomplish that we have chosen specific books that relate to our theme. Different books every week keeps reading exciting for me but it also helps us to focus on what we are learning. Repetition is key to developing children’s brains, it creates a pattern that provides them with further understanding.

Math is a tricky subject right now, being under the age of two currently. We count everything, do lots of puzzles, match and make patterns.

So far my favorite activities are sensory based. We use our five senses and aren’t afraid to get a bit messy. It is so much fun to watch my little ones faces light up and explore.

Each week I update our tot trays. Tot trays are activities that I set out all week to be used whenever the kids want. I usually have three trays. One of them has to do with our theme, another one focuses on fine motor skills and the third changes depending on the kids interests. I strive to teach Bee to only use one tray at a time. He is generally good at cleaning up but I still have to reinforce it every now and then. Especially when I update the trays, he just gets overwhelmed with excitement.

I hope you enjoy our journey. Please let me know if you would like more details or specifics with our programs. Who knows you might find something that would work well in your home.

Thanks for reading!



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