We’re Back!

Organization proceeds follow though. At least that’s how it works for me.Weekly Workbox Labelled

The last few months we have been on a hiatus of sorts. We have been doing activities and having fun but there has not been any schedule or plans. It worked. Sort of. Most days it was easier to just play with my beautiful babes. Good but definitely not best. I have wanted to get back to a schedule but my planner instincts have gotten in my way. I can plan all day without actually accomplishing anything. It’s a problem. Please say I’m not the only one.

We have pressed on!

In the past I have read about work boxes. I love the idea. It makes sense to have a spot for each subject. For us, tot school, we don’t need that many options nor do we need to fill a set amount of time. I needed a system to help me stay on top of planning and organizing activities.

We went on a shopping spree and purchased some gorgeous white Trofast shelves with matching white bins. I slapped on some labels and wallah an instant area to plan my week.

School is in tomorrow. Not bright and not early but it is in!
Wish us luck!

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