Week Review

Texture Squares Matching

We started off this week with our Educational Insights Teachable Touchables Texture Squares. They are a nice and simple sensory activity. Good for many ages. We have been using the squares for quite a while, mostly for matching. Bee knows that and nails it almost every time. I switched things up on him by asking him to find the brown square, the green square or to be even trickier the bumpy or fluffy square. We have never done that, nor do I use texture words often. It was nice to teach him some different vocabulary. He did decent with the colors but he loves green so often he just says everything is green. What a turkey.

I spontaneously decided to read Bee the first book of the set My First BOB Books: Pre-Reading Skills. We enjoyed it, a nice and simple read. He wanted to read the next book but I was unsure if the program was based on repetition…. So we read it through a few more times, when we went back I had Bee point to various objects in the pictures and practice his A and B sounds. It was a good introduction to the program.

Fine Motor HammeringTuesday we practiced our manly man skills. Hammering. Does it get more manly? Well its a start. We used golf tee’s and floral foam to create the perfect toddler hammering activity. You can get tee’s and foam at dollar stores. I love a good cost effective activity.

Fine Motor Pipe Cleaners

Our mega hit activity was simple. Pipe cleaners cut into short pieces and a spice container, both from a dollar store. Bee loved putting them in the top. The spice containers helped develop Bee’s wrist movements by taking the lid off. He hasn’t quite figured it out yet but he is getting closer and that is the main point. Bee played all day long with these.

Transferring and PouringBells and containers. That’s it, that’s all. The result was hours of play. I gave Bee multiple containers made of different materials. I choose different materials to create different sounds and make pouring more difficult. Bee had an old “Tylenol spoon” to use for transferring. He did really well and was able to get the bells into a plastic condiment container. The metal tin made a great sound when the bells entered or when Bee shook the container. The old paper towel tube was fun because we could hear the bells slide down. The down side for us was Sweets…… she loved the sound and wanted them for herself. They are a choking hazard so we had to be extra careful. I normally try and do Tot School while Sweets is asleep but that doesn’t work all the time. Especially when the Tot Box lasts for hours.

Swimming Lessons

Thursday was also our first swimming lesson of the year. Bee did pretty good. He is excellent at kicking (splashing) and doesn’t mind going under water but he needs to work on blowing bubbles.

Saturday was Sweets turn to take a “dive.” I let Jason take her for her first lesson. Sweets was a trooper. She didn’t cry, mostly just looked around. I know she won’t learn too much but our goal is to help her feel confident in water. It will help us out a lot in the summer when we go down to the Cabin. Sadly I don’t have any pictures of my swimmers at the pool but with two kids we rotate who goes and who stays. Someone must watch the other kiddo.

Sink and Float ScienceFriday = Funday. We went out to my parents house and played a game of sink or float. If I had planned this activity I would have had multiple objects to drop in water. I would have also used a bigger container of water. One of the Tot Boxes or even better, our water table. However learning happens wherever and whenever so I try and seize the moments as they come. We had a bowl of water and a cork. These two babes loved dropping the cork in again and again. It made a splash when it dropped but after they could splash getting the cork to drop again. It was so funny to watch. I’m not sure who had a better time. Sweets, Bee or Gramma. They all had a hoot.

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