Week Review

Stacking Cups Fine Motor

Forever ago I made a coin slot activity for Bee. Probably when Bee was between 12M and 18M. It was a cocoa container that I cut a slit into the lid. I made the hole big enough for a milk lid. I choose the milk lids because they are bigger than coins and I have an endless amount. Bee played love putting the lids though the slot but he has gotten tired of that now. I can retire that toy to use with sweets. Bee wanted to put the lids into the Stacking Cups instead. Works for me. Bee is getting better at stacking but he can only do a few by himself. Often Bee knows that another cup goes on top but he doesn’t know which cup. He normally picks the cup two sizes too small. In order to teach him I let him put it on our tower. If it doesn’t fit I ask him if it fits or if he wants to try another. If he doesn’t want to try a different cup then when he tries to stack the cups again the tower tumbles. He is getting better and quite proud of himself when he successfully stacks all the cups.

Later on that day we bought Bee his very own STRIDER!!Strider Gross MotorLook at that face! He is ecstatic. He couldn’t wait to get it assembled and ride around our living room. He didn’t quite get it figured out but I’m sure in no time he will be riding it everywhere.

Tuesday we went to the park with our cousins. Of course Bee had a blast climbing, sliding and running. Sweets tried to eat all the rocks….. well I should mention that she also loves the swing but mostly rocks.

Spray Bottle

Grasping WaterbottleAfter the park Sweets fell asleep in the van so we let her rest while we played on the driveway. Squirt bottles and chalk. Bee cleaned my van. We drew pictures. Wrote our names. Even had a mini water fight. Bee mostly got himself in the face but he enjoyed himself and that’s what counts.


Letter Recognition ChalkWe played a game with our names. I said a letter and Bee jumped on the letter. Sometimes he got it right but mostly he was just jumping around. It was good for his motor skills.

Musical BongosOur musical box lasted maybe 10 minutes. His favorite is the Bongo drum. It came with a mallet but we decided he didn’t need another option to bonk Sweets with.

We started Thursday off with swimming lessons. They did not go very well. My little man just wanted to cling to me. No bubbles, no kicking and he didn’t even want to go down the slide himself. I was shocked. He hung onto the ledge and slowly let his legs pull him downward. It was ridiculous. Hopefully next week is better. Thursdays box was our felt dolls. Some days he loves changing their clothes but he was not interested today. He did enjoy the magnifier. We spied all sorts of things. I had some cardboard tubes lying around so we became pirates. Why not? Pirates spy things right. Well in this house they do.


Dance PartyFriday I should have brought out our pirate tubes again for our Eye Spy Board. Oh well, hind sight. I quite enjoyed our new dollar store flashcards. They were nice and simple with bright colors. I have Bee repeat (attempt) the names of the colors and shapes. We also trace the outline of the shapes. My favorite activity we did on Friday was our family dance party!! We love to move it, move it! Sweets mostly jumps and it is adorable. Bee is a spinner with the occasional jump and hands in the air. He also loves when I hold him, he puts our hands together (perma high five) with his cheek on mine as we dance around the room. He is absolutely the sweetest boy that I know.

Saturday was Sweets turn in the pool. She mostly just looked around but she isn’t unhappy so its a win. We latter ventured over to Jason’s parents house for some time with his Mom. It was Mother’s Day weekend. We spent the time reading, riding bikes, jumping on the tramp, matching shapes and recognizing colors. We found lots of flowers and even heard some bees. We ended up visiting all of our parents and grandparents between Saturday and Sunday. We are blessed to have family around. I also appreciate that they take the time to teach Bee and Sweets some simple things or simply listen to them. Family is one of our greatest blessings.

If I was more organized I would have had some Mother’s Day activities in his boxes but alas it didn’t occur. Better luck next year.

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