Beating the Heat

The last few days in southern Alberta have been 30+ degrees. Eek. We have no air conditioning so our house is hot hot hot.
I originally had planned a week filled with Canada Day celebration activities. Most of them have been put on the back burner. I hope that we get around to a few but our priority is staying cool. We do not want to face heat exhaustion but at the same time we don’t want to be bored silly.
Beating the Heat

Get in the water!

Splashing in the Tub

This could be as simple as running a cool bath and throwing in some toys. Our favorite regular bath toys are jars, plastic animals, bubbles and foam letters. You could add some ice cubes to the tub for exploring. A bit of food coloring makes this even more fun. My tots love watching the colors melt into the tub.

Animal excavation in ice is easy but takes a little bit of planning ahead.

Search your house for random objects that can go in the water. Once you collect your items fill up the tub, sink or water table and play sink or float. It makes for a fun science/exploration activity.

Jump in the pool, if you have one, or go to the community pool.

If you want to stay home and still get wet then turn on the sprinklers and run though them.

Spray BottleYou can make a water blob from an old mattress bag. You stay dry but get nice and refreshed.

Throw sponges around or play with them in a large bowl on top of a towel. Even just soaking a sponge and ringing them out can be a blast. Draw a target on the sidewalk and try and get your sponge in the middle. You can make sponge balls that are perfect for a game of toss.

Spritzers can work wonders on a hot day. My kids like to try and catch the water in their mouths. I also spritz in front of a fan and they run in front of the fan covering themselves in water.

Be Goofy!

Singing into the Fan

Sit in front of a fan and sing silly songs. Just watch your babes fingers.

Half frozen cloths are fun to play with as they are stiff but half malleable.

Put cool cloths on your head or other body part. Have your babe tell you what the cloth is hiding.

Play peek a boo behind a cool cloth.

Go Wherever the A/C Is.

Head to a friends or relatives home.

Attend a program at the local library.

Stroll through the mall.

Catch a matinee movie.

Community pool.

Go out for lunch.

Play Centers around the community.

Stay Hydrated!

Water and more water
(we are health conscious, mostly, so we make our
own by freezing half water half juice and then
freezing them into reusable containers)
Ice Chips
etc.Enjoy your summer! I hope that you have a great summer with family and friends while staying refreshed.

Don’t forget your water bottles and sun screen!!


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