The More the Merrier

Things are about to get a little crazier at our house.

New Baby

Our new arrival is expected to make its grand entrance in the middle of May! Wahoo!


We often have kids of all ages play at our house, we love friends. I think (hope) that will make this change easier but I’m not sure my kids understand that the baby will come and stay forever. As opposed to when we have babies visit for a couple hours or the day.


Either way we are up for an adventure.


Being pregnant is hard on my body so we have been taking things easy. Enjoying the little things. We still do lots of learning but I haven’t been rotating our workboxes as much or introducing as many new concepts. With both my kids being three and under we do a lot of free play and reading. If that’s all we get done then the day has been a success.


How do you home school with a new babe? I would love some tricks of the trade.


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