Workbox Wednesday

Workbox Wednesday K Week 1yr

This week we have a modge podge of activities for Sweets (18M). Most of these we have done previously but its good to repeat activities. Its a lot less pressure on me too. No way could I think of 14 new activities every single week.

(Affiliate links below)

Foundations - Coloring, Flashcards and Religious

Foundation: Flashcards, The Friend (religious magazine), and Crayons

Creative Arts - Music

   Creative Arts: Maracas, Harmonica, and Rhythm Wooden Instrument Set

Math - Puzzles, Shapes

Math:  Shapes Sound Puzzle

Language - ABC K Fine Motor

Language: Textured Letter Book, Phonics Activity, Boogie Board
, Foam Alphabet

Science - Texture

Science: Texture Squares

Our World - Dinosaur Playdough

Our World: Dinosaur Figurines, Cookie Cutters, Play Dough

Check back here for an update on our adventures.


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