Little Gymnasts

We loved gymnastics!! Sadly our classes recently came to a close. The kids had such a wonderful time and broadened their horizons. I didn’t put the kids into gymnastics to become professionals. We joined to become more familiar with what our bodies are capable of and push our boundaries, physically and emotionally. Sometimes trying new things are hard, it is for me. I wanted our kids to know that they can do new things and that they can overcome challenges. We found our success.

The class that we participated in was a combination of gymnastics and dance. Half an hour of each, it was a great balance. Long enough but not too much for my babes. They changed the equipment on a weekly basis and each week the coach introduced each piece and demonstrated how it was to be used. The kids followed them around piece by piece. After the intro they were given the choice to decide which equipment to use. The coaches were great to step in and help the kids or show them another technique they could use.Jungle Gym CollageBee loved this piece. It isn’t necessarily gymnastics specific but the coach taught him how to climb the sides and use his strength to scale the wall, similar to parkour technique. It was out of his comfort zone as he normally is logical. He naturally wants to go in through the door in the back and go down the slide. I’m glad that this was able to open his mind to more possibilities of play. I think he would love parkour but I’m not sure I want him scaling everything possible. If we had a backyard that had room to run then I might have looked into that option more.Bear Crawl CollageA simple ladder turned flat is quite a challenge. The coach asked the kids to walk like a bear. They loved pretending to be a bear, we even had a couple growls. Sweets mostly liked to climb over the rungs and place her feet on the floor before climbing the next rung. It was still a good challenge for her.Obstacle CollageBee loves jumping, always has. However his landings err on the side of danger. He used to land sideways, on his hands, roll into a somersault, anything but his feet. We worked really hard on sticking his landings. Whether it was jumping off a vault or coming off of the parallel bars. We finally got him to stay on his feet!! Hooray. Hopefully this skill is retained so I don’t have to worry about him so much on the playground.Ringette CollageHockey and Ringette!! Occasionally we had a sports introduction activity in between gymnastics and dance. One of the weeks we were learning how to manipulate pucks, balls and tings with hockey sticks. They loved it! It was such a change in pace and they had to learn new rules. Such as using two hands and keeping one end on the ground as opposed to running around poking your friends eyes out. Bee was drawn more to the pucks and Sweets preferred the rings. Both of them surprised me by being able to utilize their space and actually get the puck/ring in the net.gymnasticsOur coach tried to get the babes to try a few new techniques especially on the balance beam. They enjoyed the beams but often just raced across. Coach had them point their toes as they stepped over stuffed animals used as obstacles. Some other positions were airplane (arms in front and one leg stretched behind them), V sit (feet on beam in front) and dips (bending one knee and dipping one foot beside the beam). I even got involved occasionally. Sweets was impressed that I could do a V sit with no help so she joined me. Its trickier balancing a toddler, baby belly and myself but we managed.Dance CollageDuring dance we often sang action songs and practiced dancing fast or slow. Our coach also had us use our imagination. We skipped around the room gathering berries and touched our toes as we picked carrots. We moved as various animals would. We had so much fun. Often the kids came home dancing and leaping. Yeah!

Both of the kids had a great time and I was impressed with the toddler programs. Bee could easily move up to the next level but we have chosen to wait to re-register him til the fall. I debated doing this class again but ultimately it came down to me. It is not easy for me to keep up with two babes while being pregnant. Oy. Its just too much and that is okay. We have to make choices that are best for our family and that includes all of us. River City Gymnastics does offer a drop in -free play time which we will utilize on good days til babe comes and the fall semester starts.


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