Last September we started Bee in speech therapy. He was 2.5 and barely talking, just a few words here and there. No sentences and most words he only said half of the syllables. It was definitely a problem that we needed to resolve. We started attending speech sessions every month and more recently every other week. We have loved it and Bee has progressed so much.

For each of our sessions Sue, our speech therapist, has a small craft prepared and a few games ready. It gives Bee a variety and provides him the opportunity to try new things. I’ll share some of his favorite activities.

Speech Puzzle Verb Cards

Puzzles are one of our secret weapons for teaching Bee just about anything. Sue brought peg and wooden puzzles for a couple sessions. We upped the challenge level and now have been using Melissa & Doug’s Floor Puzzles. In order to get a piece Bee has to use multiple words to ask for a piece. “Can I have a piece,” or “Puzzle piece please.” We have worked very hard at getting him to string words together into a sentence. I’m glad we found a successful strategy. Once Bee is given a piece then he has to either say a word correctly or describe a picture that is shown to him. After that he can place the piece. It is an easy method of teaching, one that I can duplicate easily at home. I often use puzzles but I have used this strategy with many different objects. Our personal favorite is snacks.

Cariboo Speech

Cranium Cariboo is a treasure hunt game! We have Bee ask for the key. He then has to say the word and then you can use the key to open a door. Behind the doors are balls. Once you collect all 8 balls the treasure opens up. Hooray!!

Phonics Cipart Ring

I have learned a lot by observing Sue’s techniques and how she helps Bee learn his pronunciation. She often uses a clip art flip chart. I wanted one of my own to use at home. I spent a lot of time looking for the perfect set. I found one that I love at Mommy Speech. So far I have only printed off the S sound – initial and S blend – initial. I printed them off, laminated them and hole punched them to go on a metal ring. I love how durable these cards are. Often I catch Bee teaching Sweets her sounds.



Our speech therapist has been amazing. Not only has she been great with Bee but she has also offered me lots of support, techniques and resources to further our learning. We are so blessed.

Walking to Speech

This last picture has nothing to do with speech. Really, but this is how we walk to and from speech. They melt my heart.

This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you purchase from one of the product links, I’ll receive compensation. Thanks for supporting my family!


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