Farm Week Review

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This week, technically two weeks, turned into a week full of exploring and adventure. We had wonderful activities planned and did them all, once. My kids already knew their animal names and sounds. It wasn’t a challenge at all. That makes sense because we often play with our little people farm yard, read books and sing songs. We watched some cute and informative YouTube videos that shared more about animals and farm life. The kids loved watching the videos but they unfortunately didn’t spark any questions for us to follow any deeper.

Here are our workboxes prior to starting this week:

Farm Dice GameBuild a farm was not as great as I thought. Bee was good at matching the number on the dice with the assigned animal but the trick was he wanted specific animals on his farm. If he wanted the horse he was upset if he didn’t roll a three. He adapted the game by finding the side of the die to match the animal assigned. Not the intended game but he was learning numbers and what they were assigned to. While I was setting up our farm dice game I had Bee organize the animals. He loves putting things in order so he enjoyed helping me out.

Farm Game Sort

We were animals all week! Mostly just the cat and dog but the kids enjoyed meowing and crawling around the floor. We also played with our See n’ Say and made the animal sounds after we pulled the lever. I like the see n’ say but I think it is a better fit for kids younger than 1.5 years.

Bee also broke out our pattern play activity. He is doing much better at thinking outside of the box to complete the shapes in the pictures. Another great out of the box learning activity is the Wedgit. My parents have two sets which opens up a lot of options for creativity. Both Bee and Sweets could play at a level that was appropriate for their skill level.Wedgits

When I was growing up my Grandparents had a farm. Now it is more of an acreage with lots of equipment to explore. The kids had a great time running around and climbing all over various things. Grandpaw and I followed them all over the place. I think my Grandpaw had as much fun as the kids. Eventually we ended up in the sand pit where Bee turned all boy. He was digging holes, driving trucks and getting dirty. He had a great time and the victory was that he didn’t even hit Sweets with the shovel. It did come close though.

Hudsons Exploring

We discovered ladybugs on our balcony. The kids loved watching them. We counted their spots, talked about their colors and Bee tried to get them to eat little bits of grass. Too bad ladybugs eat aphids. We will learn more about bugs when the weather warms up a bit more. Eventually the ladybugs flew away but we got to watch as they spread their wings. Sweets really loved the tiny wings.

Ladybug discovery

For Bee’s Language activity we spelt animal names with Bananagrams. Bee is technically spelling, making words, but he is learning his letters. His letter recognition has gone through the roof recently. He has even managed to match upper and lower case letters. This was our biggest hit. Bee got our his letters almost every day. One day Sweets was playing with her Little People Farm when Bee realized the animals were the same animals on his worksheet. He then matched them up and wrote the animals names. He was so proud of himself.

Farm Spelling Bananagrams

Sweets tried scissors for the first time! She did so good. I didn’t plan on teaching her how to use scissors for another couple of months but she was interested in the work that I was doing. Might as well teach her when she is already curious instead of  waiting til I planned to introduce her. I love following my babes lead.

I found an excellent book at my moms house. It came from the series How It Works put out by Disney. Bee loved this book! It introduced many concepts that never entered my mind. He frequently flipped though looking at the pictures and occasionally I went beside him and talked about was on the page. My favorite page was on cows. The picture was of a milking factory. It showed where the cows stand, the machine that hooks onto the cows utter and finally the machine that separates and cleans milk before it is packaged for selling. Jason read about plumbing and took Bee under our cabinets to check out our pipes. Where the water comes from before going to the tap and where the drain is. He enjoyed it! It wasn’t complicated to expand on this concept but it was above what Bee expected. Learning can happen all around us. I’m so glad that my hubby took the time to teach a concept by applying it into our daily life.

Pipe Collage

We added Old Mac Donald Puppets to our song time and adapted the classic song a tad.

Flannel Farm FacesThe original song goes:

Old Mac Donald Had a Farm


And On His Farm He Had A Cow


With A Moo Moo Here And A Moo Moo There

Here A Moo, There A Moo, Everywhere a Moo Moo

Old Mac Donald Had a Farm


Repeat (changing the animal names and sounds)


I simply swapped the E-I-E-I-O’s for A-E-I-O-U. This simple change has allowed me to introduce the concept of vowels in a catchy and easy way for the tots to understand. Of course they don’t know what vowels are but when we come to that then I can easily remind them of those Five little letters in Old Mac Donald.

…….and sometimes Y.

I am working on a quilt for the new babe. While I worked the kids joined me at the table and did their own work. We talked about measurements and the tools that I was using. Later on during the week I assigned Bee to be my helper. It was either put him to work or have him pester me. I choose to recruit him. He was my pin master. I sewed the strips and then passed them off to him. Bee took the pins out and put them into the tomato. Win, win. I got a lot of work done and Bee learned about sewing. Hooray. Again not theme work but most definitely educational.

Bee Sewing



Little Black, A Pony – Walter Farley

How It Works In the Country – Disney

Let’s Go to the Farm (Lift-the-Flap) – Little People Fisher Price

Giggle, Giggle, Quack – Doreen Cronin

Big Red Barn – Margaret Wise Brown

Moo Baa La La La – Sandra Boynton

Open the Barn Door – Christopher Santoro




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