Hippity Hoppity

We had an excellent Easter and a lot of fun with our work. First I will share our week review then a bit from our family Easter celebrations.

Here are our workboxes prior to starting this week:

We loved our Language Egg Hunt. I thought that it would go over Bee’s head but he surprised me again. The hubs and I put mini animals inside Easter eggs before we hid them. In the morning the kids found the eggs and opened them to discover an animal. I had them match the animals to the beginning letter of their name. W – Whale, D – Dolphin, etc. They needed a little prompting for the correct letter but soon they mastered the names and letters. They loved hiding the eggs again and again. I didn’t even have to hide them!!

Language Egg Hunt Letter Association

Scissor SkillsOne of our fine motor focused activity was using scissors. Both kids!! Bee is so good at cutting and loves it. He is always asking me for a new project. He cut out some small boxes this week. I don’t think he is quite ready to cut on a wavy line but he is getting closer. I still remind him, often, to put his thumb up. His hand tends to rotate. He also uses both hands interchangeably with scissors…. hmmm. I thought he was definitely right handed but cutting with the left is quite a victory. Sweets just loves to make small cuts. Little snips are the perfect way to learn and practice.

Cut and Paste Easter

Bee’s scissor activity pulled double duty; fine motor and language association. He cut out images and glued the pictures onto the correct letter. He did so good. Not perfect but I am so proud of him. We also did threading with plastic canvas, yarn and a large metal needle. We still need lots of practice before Bee accomplishes any sewing projects but he enjoyed learning a new skill.

The shocker of the week was right after our Bee Letters 3egg hunt. I gave both of the kids dry erase books in their baskets. Bee surprised us by writing his letters! He did so good. No prompting or helping whatsoever. He just did it and came and showed me after he completed the page. I am still in shock.




Easter ColoringEaster StoryFor our family, the most important part of Easter Celebrations is Jesus. Specifically his resurrection. We consistently played with our Easter Story printables and play dough. We talked about Jesus and how much he loves us. How he died for us, our mistakes and trials. Jesus was resurrected and he lives again. We talked about how Jesus visited many people before he went to live with Heavenly Father again. Bee loves to find Jesus and act out him talking to his disciples and other characters. As the kids get older we will have more religious activities but this is a good start. It is just about at their comprehension level.

Bird Nest CookiesBird Nest Cookies

1/4 cup margarine

2 cups sugar

2/3 cup milk

Boil for 3 minutes then add:

2 cups oatmeal

1 cup shredded coconut

3 tbsp cocoa

Scoop a cookie onto wax paper, make a center hole and place a few mini eggs into he center. Let cool and peel off of wax paper.

Egg Decorating

Decorating eggs is one of my all time favorite holiday activities. This year one of our strategies was rolling eggs in food coloring and shaving creme. They turned out cute, messy but cute.

Shaving Creme Eggs

The kids loved the Egg Hunt. They found their baskets and lots and lots of eggs. We got together with my parents and my Aunts family. The kids played so well together and the older ones helped the younger ones discover eggs. It was so cute to watch them all together. I hope my kids treat their younger cousins as well as they are treated. They have great examples to learn from.Easter Egg Hunt BasketsWe woke up to Snow!! After our egg hunt we decided to make a snow bunny. We had so much fun. Sweets even enjoyed playing in the snow, it was a miracle! Seems simple but it was a huge win. The entire winter she hated the snow. Easter SnowbunnyHappy Easter!


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