Conference Weekend

The first weekend in April our church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, has a special conference. They have many speakers and beautiful musical numbers. It is a time for us to listen to talks from messengers of our Heavenly Father to reflect on our lives and better ourselves.

Conference weekend is one of my favorite times of the year (April and October). I want my kids to look forward to learning from these inspired leaders as well. It can be a challenge for them to keep their attention for hours on end. This year I searched for some excellent ideas to keep the kids busy. Snacks, activities, games, etc. I might even add some extra snacks for the hubs and I.

Conference Apostle Activities

I gathered up 15 Gallon sized Ziploc bags, on each bag I wrote a name of one of the apostles. I wandered around our house and put one activity or a snack in each bag. Occasionally I was really organized and put an activity that related to the specific apostle.

Thomas S. Monson Goldfish Crackers (Monson likes to fish)
Henry B. Eyring Watercolor Painting (Eyring enjoys painting)
Dieter F. Uchtdorf Airplane Figurines (Uchtdorf is a retired pilot)
Russell M. Nelson Book of Mormon Story Flashcards
Dallin H. Oaks Books (Oaks loves to read)
M. Russell Ballard Prophet Information Puzzle
Robert D. Hales Melissa and Doug Lacing
Jeffrey R. Holland Fruit Leather and Apostle Flashcards
David A. Bednar LDS Family History Coloring Book (Bednar baptized his Dad)
Quentin L. Cook Seek and Find Nephi Book and Sensory Seek and Find Bag
D. Todd Christofferson The Friend Magazine
Neil L. Andersen Ritz Bitz
Ronald A. Rasband Boogie Boards
Gary E. Stevenson Pipe Cleaners and Spice jars
Dale G. Renlund Dry Erase Letters and Number Books

Conference Watercolor

Conference Tea Party

LDS Coloring Book

Apostle Flashcards Conference

We had a great conference this year. I think we will do something similar in October but change some of the activities around. I wasn’t sure how effective our activities would be but I was pleasantly surprised.



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