The Greatest Leaders are the Greatest Followers Family Home Evening

General Conference FHEThis week I am linking up with some other fabulous bloggers to share Family Home Evening Lessons based on talks from the April 2016 General Conference sessions. Each blogger chose a different topic to feature, you will find the other lessons at the bottom of this post.

There were so many wonderful messages shared last weekend! It was tough to pick just one but I did it. I choose the talk given by Stephen W. Owens, “The Greatest Leaders Are the Greatest Followers.” The talk was given during priesthood session, if you missed it. I watched the priesthood session with my husband and male in-laws…..  I know the priesthood session is for men. I just couldn’t resist joining in on hearing the powerful messages shared.

Family Home Evening is so important for families of all ages and stages. Our family is young, toddlers, which presents a variety of challenges. We strive to have Family Home Evening every week even if it is really quick and simple. Quick and simple works best when your dealing with kids three and under. We keep our lessons to the point, have a fun activity and sing (lots). We are able to teach our kids some basic principles and invite the Holy Ghost into our home while also having lots of fun.

Opening Song:

Come Follow Me Hymn #116


Option #1 Simplified

Show the kids a picture of Christ.

Talk about Christ and some of the things he taught us about. Such as being obedient, being kind and loving everyone.

Read them John 14:15 – love me, keep the commandments.

  • How can we be obedient like Christ?
  1. Listening to our parents
  2. Reading our Scriptures
  3. Sharing our toys
  4. Being kind to our family

After a brief conversation move onto the activity to apply the principles of what was just taught.


Play Simon Says or sing “Do As I’m Doing.

LDS Quotes

Option #2 Advanced

Ask your kids these two questions and discuss.

  • Who is the greatest leader?
  • Who is the greatest follower?

Once they have shared their own thoughts and opinions then bring up Christ (you might want a picture). How Christ is the greatest leader because he is the greatest follower. Christ follows our Heavenly Father perfectly in ALL things.

  • What do we know about Christ and how he followed Heavenly Father?

Look up some scriptures or share stories. I included a few examples but don’t be afraid to have your kids find their own. Especially if your kids are in seminary.

  1. Moses 4:2
  2. Hebrews 5 : 8-9
  • How did Christ lead?

Look up more scriptures and stories.

  1. 3 Nep 27:27
  2. Matt 12:31
  • How do you lead?
  • When have you been a follower?
  • How can we become closer to Christ?
  • How can we help lead others to Christ?
  • How can I be a leader starting at home?

Read this quote aloud and ask your family to be ready to share their thoughts. I slightly altered it to include everyone. We all have a work to do.

Brethren Family, whether we realize it or not, people are looking up to us—family members, friends, even strangers. It is not enough for us as priesthood holders  Christians/LDS just to come unto Christ; our duty now is to “invite all to come unto Christ.” We cannot be satisfied receiving spiritual blessings for ourselves; we must lead the people we love to those same blessings—and as disciples of Jesus Christ, we must love everyone. The Savior’s charge to Peter is also a charge to us: “When thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren.” Stephen W Owen

  • What does that quote mean to you?
  • What do people think of Christ when they are around you?
  • How do we influence those around us?
  • How can we become better followers of Christ?


Play Simon Says.

Set up an obstacle course and turn off the lights. Tell your family to find something such as a treat or object. Let them look around for a bit. Once they are a little frustrated send Dad in with a flashlight to help guide them to their prize. They can choose to follow or not, but one choice with lead them to where they want to go quicker.

LDS Quotes Stephen W Owen

I hope you enjoyed some of my teaching ideas and can incorporate them into your own lessons.

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9 thoughts on “The Greatest Leaders are the Greatest Followers Family Home Evening

  1. Blue Bird's Nest says:

    I also enjoyed the two different options. We are all for the short and sweet right now, but I know many others will like having the more detailed version. Great Job!


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