Letter Matching Pins

Letter Matching Clothes Pin Fine Motor

We are always looking for new and fun ways to learn our letters. This activity was especially great because we not only practiced our letter recognition but we were able to incorporate fine motor development.

Flashcard Letters Clothes PinsGetting this activity set up was quick and oh so easy.


Clothes pins

Permanent Marker

Alphabet Flashcards

On each clothes pin I wrote a different letter of the alphabet. I choose to write in capital letters but you could easily write both upper and lowercase on each pin or just lowercase. That’s it, that’s all. Now your ready to get started.

Clothes Pin LettersMy oldest prefers to do everything in a specific order. It is both good and drives me crazy some days. Together we arranged the flashcards in alphabetical order. Once he was satisfied with that I gave him the bag of pins. He sorted through them til he found the letter he was searching for. At first it took him a few tries to get the clothes pin open and closed on a flashcard. He quickly mastered this skill and enjoyed matching his letters. Letter Matching

We loved this simply activity! It was played with frequently and kept Bee occupied for quite a while. He was so proud of himself! I absolutely love watching my kids enjoy the activities that I have planned for them. It is my privilege to watch their faces light up when they master a new skill.

This activity could be easily be adapted for multiple abilities and needs. Most of our favorite activities can grow and develop as our needs change. Do you have toddlers too young to manipulate clothes pins? Have the tot place the pin on top of the image instead of opening and closing the pin. Do you have lots of flashcards at your house? Match the letter pins with cards of animals ( B – Bear) or objects (H – House). Are you starting to teach spelling or reading? Have you child attach multiple letter pins to spell out a complete word. This would be especially great if you have sight words that you are working with.

How have to put this activity to use in your home?


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