Week Review

Over the last few weeks we have taken learning at a nice slow and steady pace. We have spent a lot of time reading and exploring without a specific direction. I especially have enjoyed watching the kids discover some new things that peaked their interests. We changed our pace for a few reasons. 1 I am pregnant. I simply cannot do all that I wish I could do at this moment. Life is constantly changing and so we must follow suit and adapt. 2 I wanted to let my kids explore a bit more so that I could prepare some themes that actually target their interests. It worked and I have lots of new ideas to incorporate over the next few weeks.

Before I get too excited and share our future plans I better give you our review.

Here are our workboxes prior to starting this week:

Fine Motor Button Color SortingButton sorting is such an easy activity. Ages ago I bought a mixed bag of buttons and we have used them more often than I originally thought. My favorite materials can be used multiple ways. This week we sorted them by color. While Bee sorted through the pile we took the time to notice the details on the individual pieces. It was the perfect opportunity to talk about various textures and patterns.

Playdough Fine MotorPlay dough has recently become a top activity! I thought it would never happen. Seriously these two kids of mine would play with play dough everyday, multiple times if I let them. They are expanding their abilities daily and using the tools provided more and more. I love that they are finally creating with play dough instead of just poking it and smashing it around.Letter Matching

Flashcards and clothes pins! We loved this activity so much that I wrote a separate post all about how we did this activity and how you could easily adapt it to fit your family’s needs.

Matching Cards

Sweets math bin was all about matching. She rocked it! Our cards were simply a game of Go Fish. Instead of shuffling the cards and dividing them between players, I held the pile and gave Sweets one at a time. Once she received a card she laid it on the ground. Of course after looking for the matching animal. We talked about the different animals and the things that make them unique.  We could have also talked about numbers but Sweets was more interested in the animals.

Sweets also had animals in some of her other bins. We really enjoyed talking about the various species and learning about their homes. Thank you flannel animals from the 90’s.

Magnifyer Science was lots of fun but we completely skipped over all of my plans. Initially we were going to look through the magnifying lens and notice how objects changed when we were close or far away. I set aside some toys for us to observe but we were also going to go exploring outside. Well Sweets and Bee both thought that the lens was a camera. We didn’t talk about magnification at all. Instead the  kids ran around taking pictures of all the things that they enjoy.

Reading in Moms Bed

 There are two things that take priority over just about everything else. Snuggling and reading! What more do you really need. We spent lots of time reading in my bed. We read funny books, great stories, action books and even looked over our new children’s encyclopedia.

I’m certain these days of snuggles and kisses wont last forever so I am trying to take full advantage of them. If you have toddlers I hope you are doing the same. The days are long but the years are short. I already can’t believe that my oldest is three and a half.


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