Teach Your Monster to Read

We love the website, Teach Your Monster to Read!

This is not a sponsored post. Just a product that I believe in.

We recently discovered it and Bee has been playing a few times a week.

To get the game started you first design your own Monster. You choose their eyes, horns, hair, legs, arms, etc. Bee loved being able to customize and make his own monster. The Monster then goes on adventures. During the adventures you discover the phonetic alphabet and complete missions. How fun!

TYMTR Computer Game

One of Bee’s favorite missions was to herd sheep into the correct ‘letter’ field. As you can see he was very focused on the task at hand.

Teach Your Monster to Read Review

Bee finished level one! He passed off all the phonetic letters (31) and collected many prizes. There were many choices for prizes such as different pants, wings and various accessories. Now we are learning small and simple words. It is getting trickier as you have to listen to specific instructions and pay close attention to sounds. There are not always written letters for Bee to recognize so he has to work hard. We may have almost reached the limit of our progress.

Bee is currently 3.5 years old, he loves letters and reading but he is not quite ready to read. I am loving this program but I thought that there would be some more letter recognition activities before jumping into reading.

I may need to find a different game to get Bee up to speed before he plays independently again. Until then I can use “Teaching Your Monster to Read” as a tool for us to use together. The games are great but Bee needs to learn patience. To listen to the complete instructions before he starts to play. To listen to all the sounds before choosing one. To wait for the computer to load before clicking the buttons a million miles a minute.

I would recommend this website! Especially if your child knows their letters and is ready to  master sight words. Enjoy!



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