Tiger’s Birth Story

Tiger Hospital

It’s a BOY!

Our third child finally arrived, only a week late.

All of our kids births have been quite different. Labor with Bee took forever, two days… ugh. Sweets was just about perfect. Tiger, well he was breech for a long time. We thought a Cesarean might be necessary but he finally turned at 38 weeks. Then he didn’t want to arrive on his own, he was just content to stay in.

On Saturday night we dropped the kids off at my parents house for a sleepover. They were excited for some special time with their grandparents and we were happy to not have to make any midnight phone calls. We were also glad to have a night to ourselves before sleep becomes a hot commodity. We got pizza and didn’t have to share!

Early Sunday morning we headed to the hospital for an induction, to get things started. Unfortunately the induction didn’t work the first time so we had to wait six hours for the second application. What a long wait. The good thing was that I was able to take a nap or two while we waited.

Tiger Hospital ParentsAfter the second application we were in active labor in less than an hour. It was such a relief to finally be getting somewhere. After four hours Tiger arrived on Sunday May 15 at 7:39 after only pushing for five minutes! Five minutes is quick but long enough for me.Tiger Hospital Mum Snuggles

He weighed 7 pounds 10 ounces and was 20 inches long. Our biggest but the perfect size for a baby!

Tiger Hospital SiblingsThe next day the kids came in to meet their little brother. Sweets was so excited. She wanted to hold him constantly. She followed him as he was past around the room and tried to wiggle into holding him. She kept calling him “her baby”. Bee was also very happy to meet the “little guy.” He liked to hold him for a minute but then he was back at running around the room.

Tiger Hospital FamilyWe have been home for a couple days now and life is just great. Jason is taking paternity leave so he will be home for a few months to help us find our new normal. Bee and Sweets both love Tiger but they aren’t too excited that they are constantly climbing all over him. It is a good balance. Hugs and kisses but some breathing space.

I am so glad to have Tiger here and to not be pregnant anymore. Win, win!


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