In the Leafy Tree Tops Planner Pre Order

The Planner for an Organized You

Dishes. Swimming lessons. Blog post. Laundry. Change oil. Switch kids clothes sizes. Family pictures. Make dentist appointment. Reading lessons. Change workboxes. Plan birthday party. Date night. Pay bills. Did I mention dishes….. Well there is more.

How do you keep track of everything?

My secret is my planner. I have to write everything down or it won’t happen.

Planner Cover Computer 2

**This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you purchase from one of the product links, I’ll receive compensation.**

The Mormon Mom Planner (other versions available, see below) has everything that I could possibly need included! Yes, you read that correct. Everything you need in one spot.

Its magic!

Don’t believe me. I will prove it to you.

Some of the pages included are: Planning ahead for the next year. Tracking special dates. Contacts (Do people still use these?). Monthly goal page. Monthly layout. Weekly page – list areas, menu planning, daily chart of to do’s. Project/to do page – some headings are listed but most you fill in yourself. I changed some headings with washi tape to have a page for my blogging. Budget area – lots of room to add in expenses. Religious pages – family night, family counsel, personal study, reading charts. Blank note pages. Holiday pages – Christmas will blow your mind!

Planner Workbox Matrix

Planning matrix – This is one of my favorite areas!! I use it for planning our educational activities but there are many uses. Such as meal planning, tracking weight loss, business planning, editorial calendar or whatever you want. There is also a side section for each week for a lists; grocery lists, resources, its up to you. AMAZING!

Planner Matrix Complete

Those would be enough but there is more!! Surprise. The last section is where the planners from In the Leafy Treetops really blow the competition out of the water.

Planner Little Things

Do you ever forget what size shoes your kid is wearing? I can never remember. They grow too fast. Did your husband request something for his birthday but you didn’t write it down and now you are stuck wandering the mall? Well the  Mormon Mom Planner has pages for tracking 7 people! What they want, need, along with more sections I never would have thought about. I don’t have 6 kids so I re-purposed some pages to brainstorm gifts for other people.

Do you plan or track your household duties? I didn’t. I couldn’t tell you when the last time I cleaned my oven but now I can. Its a miracle. I had a hard time planning what tasks I needed to do around the house on a daily basis before. Now I have a plan, if only I would follow it….

Do you see a pattern? I am seriously lost without my planner.

I know what you thinking. “Lindsey, I’m not LDS , I don’t have kids or I’m not even married. Do I need a planner?” Yes. Yes, you do. You might not need the same one I have but do yourself a favor and check out In the Leafy Treetops.

  • Not LDS and have children. Look at the Mom on the Go Planner
  • Single, students, teenagers, empty nester’s or just looking for something small. Look at the Simple Planner (simple not basic)

Life is stressful, utilizing this planner has removed so much of my stress. I know what I need to do and when. It helps me stay organized so I can play with my kids instead of trying to remember a gazillion things.

Now back to the dishes.

*Pre-order available on June 13


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