Canadian Community Social Study K-3

Canada Day is right around the corner. How are you planning on teaching about  our beautiful country? How about the community and our roles within the community?

Look no further. The Hip Homeschooler has given me a special offer of a 50% discount on an excellent Canadian Community Bundle for your use.Social Studies Pack Grades K-3 Canadian Version

This printable PDF has 28 worksheets. Most of the pages focus on the community and the people within it. The PDF covers the information that kids from Kindergarten to Grade 3 are expected to learn. The worksheets include spelling, copy work, drawing, writing, brainstorming and more. There is something for kids of various ages. I love when multiple ages can learn side by side.

Canadian Government

The Canada specific pages teach about maps and the flags of our country and the provinces. There are also pages to explore more about your environment and what we can do as individuals to make our country a better place.

I really like how she guides you to brainstorm what responsibilities we have in regards to our community and the environment. You could easily take that lesson further by actually making a difference in your area. I love when you can apply lessons into daily life.

Canada Province and Territory Flags

I can’t wait to use these printables in our home. My son is going to especially love learning about our community. He is crazy about firefighters and construction. We will definitively be breaking out our crayons and banagrams for these lessons. I may even come up with some excellent sensory activities. Come back to see how much fun we have.

Click here for your own printable!

This deal will only be available until July 30,2016

**I was not compensated for this post, however I did receive a set, for my review. All opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.**


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