Canadian Marble Painting

The kids enjoy painting but they lack technique. That is not a bad thing, it is just part of learning. I get tired of all the paintings that are just swirls of colors piled on top of each other.  We will continue painting with paint brushes but every once in a while I like to mix things up for them. Stretch their imaginations and provide them with new sensory activities.

Marbles. I thought try marbles.

I gathered up the needed supplies and cut our paper down to the correct size.

Marble Painting Set Up

I kept the color choice simple this time. Red and white. We are making Canada Day crafts so it was the appropriate choice.

When we started our activity the kids thought I was crazy. You don’t paint with marbles. Clearly those are for marble works. MUHAHAHA! Fooled you again children of mine. You can paint with things other than the traditional paint brush.

Bee is quite particular about things. Its not a bad thing generally but often he does not like to try new things. Not at all. I could cater to him but I am a tad mean. I want him to grow and develop. I want him to be able to try new things. I want him to feel confident to try new things even when he is uncomfortable. Hence the reason I switch up our activities often and have him use materials in various ways. There isn’t one way to use something. He still doesn’t love when things are not how he expects them to be but he is not devastated any more. Okay, rarely devastated. That is a win in my books.

Back to our craft.

Marble Painting ProcessI simply rolled the marbles in paint and put them on top of the construction paper in our baking pans. Shake the pan and the marbles roll all over making an incredible design. I really like how two marbles worked, one of each color. Dip and repeat until you have the desired effect or your child begs for a new paper.

I wouldn’t suggest many more marbles though. Once the marbles lose the majority of the paint they become sticky and most just stick to the other marble. A clump of marbles just wouldn’t make as great of a design.

You could stop here but because of the holidays I took our paintings and created a Canada Day banner!

Canadian Maple Leaf Marble Painting

How cute is this!


I love creating decorations that I can use again for two reasons: memories and changes.

Time flies by so I sneakily added the kids hand and foot prints on the back of their paintings. It will be fun to see how tiny they were a year ago and remember our fun. I am also really excited to watch their skills develop over the years.


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