Canadian Inspired Water Play

The summer is hot! I don’t have to tell you that.

What you might not know if that you can easily take an ordinary water play activity and transform it into something more. This week we are going holiday style!

Canadian Water Sensory Bin

I looked through my shelves and made a trip to the dollar store. Look at all the fabulous things I found.

Gathering my supplies was the trickiest part of this water play. After that I simply got a bin threw in my supplies and added water.


Canada Sensory Bin with Kids

I choose the colors of the Canadian flag and a few objects that are “Canadian”. Simple really but it opened the doors to talk a bit more about our wonderful country. We mostly talked about Canada being the country that we live in then our province and city.

The kids loved searching for maple leafs!

Canada Sensory Color SortingTo further our learning I had the kids look for a specific numbers. We got more bowls out and the kids separated the colors. Bee has no problem sorting colors but we still have some work to do with Sweets. She will get there, no worries.

Canada Sensory Play

They played for hours and kept a little cooler in this heat.


2 thoughts on “Canadian Inspired Water Play

  1. MomJonz says:

    This is a great idea. This gave me an idea on how to work with some of students for math facts. They are a bit older, but they love playing games and I’m sure would love to play in some water.


    • Side By Side Learning says:

      That is awesome! Water makes everything more fun. There are so many ways that you could incorporate math with sensory activities and water play. Good luck! I hope your students enjoy their new learning activity.


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