Our Pre School Product Choices

They came. They finally came.

Two beautiful brown boxes of supplies to help us reach our educational goals.

Every year as I prepare for Christmas I write a list and start a amazon cart of some items I want to order for gifts. I like to brainstorm and then re-evaluate my plans a few weeks later.  It helps me to make sure that I have made the correct choices for everyone that I am buying for.

I used the same strategy but instead I had a cart growing of supplies I was interested in for school. It was filled with all types of goodies for all three of my kiddos but mostly for my almost four year old.

Before I even starting to think about purchasing any supplies or curriculum I searched my provinces learning outcomes. I looked up preschool requirements and also what kids are expected to know before entering kindergarten. It was the perfect way to start. I knew exactly where I needed to focus and what skills I needed to help Bee develop.

Next was the hard part.

How do I actually accomplish this? What curriculum will work for both my toddler and me? As a busy mom I knew I needed something to help me stay on track, keeps my kids attention and also provide me with freedom to follow Bee’s interests.

My answer was Timberdoodle. Timberdoodble utilizes hands on learning activities to provide a well rounded education. They have kits assembled for you to purchase but I already had quite a few of the activities or something similar to the ones that they suggest. Instead of buying repeat products I ordered some materials that caught my eye and ones that I knew my kids would love. I also purchased the handbooks for Tiny Tots, Pre-School and Pre-K. You don’t have to buy the handbooks but I am so glad that I did.

I will dive into timberdoodle and my other curriculum choices later on. This post is all about my goodies!!

Here they are! Taaa-Daaa!

Pre School Curriculum and Supplies

One box from Timberdoodle and the other from Amazon!

I know, you were dying to see what products I choose for my little family.

I thought it would be best if I gave you a quick introductory list and wrote a more detailed post on various products later on. I love seeing other people purchases but I always want to see how they use the items before I make any purchases.

This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you purchase from one of the product links, I’ll receive compensation.


    • Farmland Math (Timberdoodle has their own 36 week curriculum included when you purchase on their site)
    • Three Little Pigs
    • Inchimals
    • Magnatab Numbers
    • Traytastic Numbers
    • Mathematical Reasoning 1


  • Traytastic Molds
  • Goggles
  • Fine Motor Tool Set
  • Color Paddles


  • Traytastic Letters
  • Leap Pad Ultra: Leap Frog Letter Game
  • Magnatab Upper and Lower Letters
  • Purplinker
  • Sheet protectors (for all of our tracing needs)

Our World

    • Scrunch Map
    • Give Your Child the World


    • Bongo Drum (we had one previously and loved it until my hubby’s jamming got a little out of control)
    • Leap Frog Ultra: Creativity
    • Art Smock

I couldn’t wait til we got home from our holidays to open and explore our new additions. So far we love our purchases! On Instagram I have shared some photos from our brief  introduction to some of our curriculum. Check us out @sidebysidelearningblog!


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