Ocean Inspired Sensory Bin

5 Minutes to Create an Ocean Sensory BinSensory bins are almost always a top activity with my kids. Our ocean sensory bin was especially loved. Sweets went crazy for this bin for hours a day. She honestly might have played with this bin everyday for a week if I let her. Keep reading to see how much fun they really had.

Sensory bins are one of my favorite activities because they are fairly quick and easy to put together and the reward can be hours of play.

You can assemble your own in no time at all after you gather a few quick supplies.

Ocean Sensory Supplies



Glitter sand

Safari Ltd Coral Reef TOOB Set


That’s it, that’s all!

Ocean Sensory Bin Assembly

Sand on one side with the figurines and glitter sand on the other side.

Ocean Sensory Bin Complete

Just add water and you have  a beautiful beach scene. Too bad it only lasts minutes…

Ocean Sensory Love

The sand obviously doubles as an exfoliant. Not sure why I didn’t think of that myself.

Ocean Sensory Play

My little’s thought squishing everything together was the best thing ever.







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