To School Or Not

Fall brings change. Our environment changes but so does life. As a mom of toddlers often days just blur together. Sometime weeks or even a month seem to be gone in the blink of an eye. Everyday I am in charge. I decide what we do and if we go anywhere. No rules unless I make them, for the most part.

Family 2016

Once September hits, Mom’s everywhere suddenly have a routine they need to follow.

Yes, I’m talking about back to school.

My oldest is 3.5. Which means that if I wanted he could be enrolled in Pre-School. I would be waking up early, getting presentable and loading up my van for drop off. That’s all fine and dandy but I like being the boss. I like deciding when I can wake up. I like following my kid’s cues and following their interests. I like enjoying every minute (almost every minute) with my littles. I love watching my kids learn something. They are already growing right before my eyes but they still need me. Time moves too swiftly.

Fall is bringing change to our home but we won’t be stuffing our backpacks full of supplies and attending school.  Instead our educational pursuits are going to be getting serious.

When I first considered Home Education I was nervous. I didn’t know what to think and I doubted myself, as we all do. Before I jumped in I wanted to give myself a test run. So I dabbled in tot school and I fell in love! I love being with my kids, teaching them and watching them learn. I love when something clicks its magical. I love learning with them and I absolutely love planning our studies. My heart belongs to planning so this works great for me.

I am overwhelmed with excitement and I’m still nervous but I am ready for our official adventure to begin. I can’t wait to how everything unfolds this next year.

Wish me luck and follow us along on our journey. We are going to have a blast!


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