Fall Book List for Babies, Toddlers and PreK

Fall Book List

Nearly every morning my littles crawl into my bed with a stack of books. Each. Yes, they have to have their own stacks. I don’t mind many books in a row when the books are good. I definitely don’t want to read less than great books over and over again. In a row or not.

Instead of sending you on a wild book chase to the library I am going to share some our favorites that we read for our fall unit. I will start by sharing board books then some awesome picture books!

Fall Book List for Babies, Toddlers and PreK

This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you purchase from one of the product links, I’ll receive compensation.

Ready for Autumn is excellent for introducing babies and toddlers to the variety of clothes that people wear when the cold weather sets in.

Do your kids love flap books as much as mine do? Check this one out. It also has some texture on the pages. I am always looking for interactive or textured books as they tend to keep the interest of little readers better.

Leaves is perfect for an early reader. The words are simple and easy to read. The pictures are beautiful colors and they even include some fun facts. Wahoo!

Leaf Man. I really enjoy this one. An interesting tidbit for you, the leaves in this book were gathered by Lois and copied to use in this book! How great is that? Its adorable. This book would be perfect for opening up a discussion about where leaves travel. After you read this book you might even want to collect your own leaves to assemble your own leaf man. That would be so fun and easy to do.

Disney, oh how I love Disney. I stole, aka permanently borrowed, this book from my moms bookshelf. It is a classic. I grew up reading their mini stories and love that I can read this to my littles now. Back to the book. There is a story for every day from September 1 – November 30 in here. Not every story relates to fall, they are most random stories. On the side of every page is the date which would be perfect for including as part of your calendar time or circle time.

This book, Fall is for Friends was my Daughters favorite. She is 2 year old. She loves these girls and the silly things they do to try and get the leaves to fall so that they can play in them. Such an adorable picture book and I didn’t even mind reading it 6 times today. Woot woot!

Fletcher has such a big heart. He loves his tree and wants to protect it and keep all the leaves safe. I fell in love with this fox and so did my Son. Sometimes change is hard and we don’t necessarily like the process but change can be good and beautiful. Such a great lesson for littles to learn early on. The last page in this book is gorgeous and it involves a bit of glitter. Love!

When you read do you want great illustrations? Oh, you do. Excellent! Go to your library and get this stat! It is so beautifully done. Another thing that i love that the author did was that each page has a header and under it there is a couple sentences that describe what the header means. My kids loved when I just read the header and talked about the picture but I think a 5 year old would like the captions a little bit more than a toddler. Fall Leaves is my favorite and I have put it on my shopping list. I need this book on my shelves. It is wonderful! Don’t believe me, check it out yourself.

Don’t forget to get cuddly with your little ones when you read your fall books.








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