Fall Sensory Jars

Fall Scents Sensory Activity

When you think of fall what comes to mind? Is it a family tradition? How about the changing colors? Maybe even the start of school.

For me I think of the smells, especially apple cider. I hate being cold and hot apple cider with cinnamon and a bit of carmel really melt away all my worries of the up and coming winter. Brr… Now back to fall.

Fall Sensory Exploration for Toddlers

I wanted to expose my kids to some of my favorites and see what they think.

Fall Scent Jars

I found these adorable jars with lids. I love these because they have a spot for chalk on the top of the lid but really a baby food jar would work just as good. The lids are important, especially during olafactory activities. You have to be able to put one away to smell another.

Fall Sensory JarsIn each jar I added a different scent. I choose to use a Cinnamon stick, Apple slices and a Wheat stock. If I could find a way to bundle up a crisp fall morning I would have done that but I loved our choices.

Fall Blindfolded ToddlersFor starters, blind fold those cuties of yours. I had cheaters so check to make sure they can’t see.

We opened each jar individually and breathed in their delicious scents. We went from one to the other and I didn’t say anything. I just told the kids to think about what they were smelling. During round two of the sniff test I asked the kids what they thought was in the jar? What could we use the object for? Etc. There are so many questions that you could ask.

Fall Sensory ThinkingBee thought that the wheat was water. He guessed the cinnamon stick was an apple that was until he smelt the last jar. I think the cinnamon was tricky because occasionally we have had apple pie and that definitely has cinnamon in it. The apple jar was an over ecstatic shout of that’s an apple! Yep, yep it is buddy.

I still didn’t reveal the secret quite yet. The suspense was killing Bee. It was hysterical but he did keep his bandana on. Sweets on the other hand only kept it on for a couple of minutes before she was fed up with it.

After our smelling and discussion I moved onto touching the objects. The wheat was prickly and kind of like grass. Bee was getting closer to the right answer. The cinnamon felt like a stick and the apple was obvious once again.

Fall Sensory Exploration

Our last round I let them lick the objects. Wheat first, dead grass. Cinnamon, stick like. Apple, well an apple.

When we took off our blinds I talked about wheat and that we have wheat in our bread and that farmers are working hard this time of year. We mostly just observed the cinnamon stick because we normally just use ground cinnamon.

Fall Apple SnacksWe ended the activity off with a snacking on apples. The perfect way to end a lesson, with food.

Now it is your turn. There are so many scent options that you could use.

Go Crazy!

Okay, don’t go completely crazy. I suggest sticking to 3-5 great scents. Too many scents becomes overwhelming quickly. Sometimes I have to remind myself that one of my main goals is to introduce my kids to a variety of things but I don’t have to introduce them to everything right now.

Share your favorite things with your kids. If you have older kids see if you can stump them.





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