50+ Activities Inspired by the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

Its that time of year again.

General Conference.

As many of you know I am a member of the LDS faith. Every October and April we have a special meeting where we get to listen and learn from the leaders in our Church. Men and women both speak and we listen to beautiful choirs. I absolutely love this time of the year and every 6 months it seems to surprise me again.

Not this year, my friends. This year I have a plan. A plan to prepare my self and my kids to receive the messages prepared for us but also to get to know some of our leaders. I know my kids would rather listen to someone that they know a little bit about verses a “stranger” on TV. I absolutely love these men and I know that I will love and understand them even more after our activities.

I am so excited!!


Let’s get started!


Go Fishing as a family or set up a fishing game in your home.

Attend a bird sanctuary or zoo.

Study pigeons.

Go out for ice cream, make sure to try orange sherbert.

Make your own Ice Cream.

Visit Widows in your ward or family.

Learn about Canada.


Paint a picture.

Play school

Play with planes



Serve those in your community.

Share a Book of Mormon.

Volunteer at a Soup Kitchen.


Visit a ranch or farm.

Ride Horses.

Play Bucking Broncos – aka Ride on Daddy’s Back

Learn about the body.

Play Operation.

Play the Piano.

Perform a song for you ward or family.

Babysit for a family.


Help with Chores – Sweeping.

Visit your local radio station.

Play with Walkie Talkies.

Write out your Family Tree.

Visit Grandparents and ask questions about relatives.


Attend the Temple as a family. Do baptisms if you can or have a picnic on the grounds.


Write letters to family or friends.

Visit your Post Office.

Race cars.

Build a racetrack.

Learn about England.



Play the Piano.

Perform a song for you ward or family.

Play catch or practice hitting a ball.

Play a game of baseball with family and friends.


Play Horse – Basketball

Throw small balls into laundry baskets. Count how many you get in.

Learn about England.

Study your scriptures and teach a lesson to your family (FHE).


Eat Watermelon.

Make a watermelon flavored treat.

Visit Grandparents.

Learn to catch a football.

Play a game of football.

Attend a football game.

Play a game of Scrabble.

Discuss topics chosen by your family. Could be as simple as cake or brownies but don’t be afraid of giving your kids bigger topics. They might surprise you.

Watch some debates.

Study England.


Bake bread with grandparent or other loved ones.

Experiment with yeast and how it works.

Make bread to use for Sacrament (contact your local leaders first)

Study Argentina.


Study France.

Go on a family date for Breakfast.

Make french food for breakfast.

Go on individual dates with your kids.

Visit a Farm.

Visit a Dairy farm.

Milk a cow.

Read and watch videos about cows.

Play with a farm sensory bin.


Learn about pioneers. Those in your family or in church history.

Learn about your ancestors and their conversion stories.

Read family journals.

Study New York.

Watch Indiana Jones.

Go on a Treasure Hunt. You could set one up at your house or go on a search and find walk. A walk would be so much fun during the fall season.


Visit widows in your family, ward or a nearby seniors center.

Invite widows over for dinner.

Develop a business. Leaf raking, babysitting, snow shoveling, etc.

Learn about Japan.


Do experiments. Need ideas – follow this link for my favorite resource.

Learn about the body.

Trace your kids bodies and label the parts.

Find your pulse and discuss the heart.

Increase your heart rate – exercise, dance part, etc.

100 PARTY!! – think 100 day of school celebration

Wahoo! You are going to have so much fun learning about the apostles. Most of these ideas can be simplified for younger ages or complicated for your teenage kids. Be creative and have a blast!

We will be doing our apostle activities next week. Follow along with us on instagram for our daily activities.









4 thoughts on “50+ Activities Inspired by the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

    • Side By Side Learning says:

      Thanks! I learned quite a bit too. What surprised me most was how many apostles had either served as missionary companions, in the same mission or as a mission president to a missionary. I love how Heavenly Father gave them an opportunity to work together before becoming apostles.


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