Thanksgiving Thankful Leaves

For some people Thanksgiving is all about the food! Now I love food (stuffing and pie especially) as much as the next person however I am doing my best to raise grateful kids. One of the ways that we decided to bring gratitude into our family celebration was to make Thankful Leaves.

In Canada, where I am from, Thanksgiving is in October. Right in the middle of fall, well usually. This year we had the pleasure of diving right into winter with a huge snowfall. It practically looked this Christmas on Thanksgiving morning.


All you need is a couple of supplies.

Paint (orange, yellow, red, brown)



Your toddlers arms

Once you have all of your supplies gathered put a spot of each color on your painting dish. I used a paper plate. You want a spot for each color so that you can strategically add various colors to your canvas. For my brown spot I used 3 shades and did a quick mix to add dimension to our tree trunk.

Once you have the paint ready round up those cuties of yours. Have them in paint shirts or take their shirt off. Once they are prepped they are ready to be your canvas.

Paint the back of their forearm with brown.

Their hand and fingers will become the tree leaves. To get the full leaf effect you will want to paint random spots different colors on their hands. Some big and small smaller. I love this because it means that you don’t have to clean the brush after you choose a different color. The mix on your paint brush will make for some awesome colors.

Press the forearm firmly onto your paper and slowly lay your hand down. Help your kids to get a great image by pressing on their fingers individually. Make one tree or a forest whatever you want.

Hand Leaves

Tadaa! You have a perfect fall landscape.

I loved how our craft turned out but I wanted to take our activity one step further. What we did was talk about why we celebrate thanksgiving. Why it is important to us as a family. After our brief discussion I asked my kids what they were thankful for. They are 2 and 3. There lists cracked me up. Once we got over our chuckles I helped them add to their list. Elephants and Paw Patrol are both great but we need to remember how important our family is. Once we talked about family and why we value ours they started shouting everyone’s names.

Thankful Tree

We have so much to be grateful for and so do you!

I would love to hear what your kids shared with you. Leave me a comment below and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Thankful Leaves



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