STEAM Kids Halloween Crystals

My son has developed a love my spiders. I love that I do not share at all. I am not terrified of them but I cringe every time I spot one. Even spiders in books give me the creeps. Just writing this has given me goosebumps. I hate spiders….

I want to be the Mum that follows my kids interests but I honestly didn’t know how I was going to follow Bee this time.

That was until I found my answer in the Halloween STEAM Edition  Ebook.

STEAM Kids Halloween EBook

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STEAM Kids is incredible resource! I have found so many fun activities for us to do this year and in the upcoming years. Many of the projects are geared towards elementary aged students but of course you can adapt them to meet you needs. For this project I needed to simplify in order to include toddlers but we had a blast.

Our first project was the STEAM KIDS Scented Halloween Crystals.


All of the supplies I already had at home which was extra convenient.


My house has toddlers so I pre-made our objects to be crystallized. I did have the kids play with pipe cleaners but they were unrecognizable. That is fine they had fun.

Saturation Experiment

Making crystals is a simple process but we were still able to engage the kids. The counted teaspoons, stirred and observed the detergent dissolve. It was just enough to keep them involved but not overwhelmed and leaving the parents to do everything.


I had Sweets wrap a pipe cleaner around a pencil to get this fun swirl object. Unlike the other two objects we didn’t completely submerge it. Why, you ask? We were hypothesizing if the crystals would climb the pipe cleaner or only attach to the fibers that were completely submerged.

Turns out that crystals don’t climb. Upon further investigation, we got our our magnifying lens, we noticed that pipe cleaners have many fibers that don’t touch one other. Perhaps string would have absorbed more water allowing crystals to form but I doubt it. Crystals didn’t climb up the sting that held the spider and pumpkin but it wasn’t very absorbent string. It was fun having the kids guess.


My pictures don’t give these crystals any justice. They were so sparkly. Gorgeous crystals that were nice and strong. No flaking, even after my kids played around with them for a while.

Definitely a fun activity for the family. The crystals don’t form immediately but we made ours before bedtime and by breakfast you could already see some crystals forming. Give it a try with your kids.

For full details you will have to order your own copy of the book for a steal of a deal at 4.99. You can buy it here!


Looking for something a little more. Check out Steam Kids  31 days of Halloween Challenges all for free!! I love these challenges because help open your children’s mind to solve problems creatively on their own. Anything that fosters independent learning is a resource I want in my home and I think you will too.

STEAM Kids Halloween 31 Days of Challenges

Seasonal specials are always  extra fun but don’t forget that you can learn hands on all year long. The first STEAM Kids book is perfect for using all year around.






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