Our Family Halloween 2016

When I was in College I got a job at our local Value Village. It was the perfect job for a student. It was close to my house and I was able to get great clothes for an awesome deal. The position that I started at was a Costumologist!!

What is a Costumologist, you ask? Why, its the greatest thing ever. For two months I was able to dress up daily and help people assemble fabulous costumes. Many people like purchasing costumes ready to go which is fine but I love the challenge of creating costumes. I love hunting for the perfect pieces to create a one of a kind costume. Its a blast and saves quite a bit of cash.

Over the years I have come up with some pretty great costumes and I wish I would have taken pictures of all of my fun creations.

Since I have been married we have always dressed up together and now we involve our kids. It can be quite a challenge to come up with a family costume but it is completely worth it. I’m not sure how long my kids will cooperate with our Halloween fun. I hope it lasts forever but I know our time is ticking so we have to make the most of it every year.

Both my husband and I love Disney so our costumes generally are Disney movie themed. This year we choose the classic tale of “Peter Pan.” We dressed the kids as Captain Hook, Tinkerbell and Smee. Obviously we had to go as Peter Pan and Wendy.


Don’t we look great!

This was so easy to out together. I will walk you through it.

Captain Hook: We bought a cheap set that came with a pirate hat with a hook and sword. I borrowed his pirate shirt from a friend but originally I bought a small red blazer that I planned on shortening. Under it he would have worn a white shirt (t-shirt or collared).

Tinkerbell: We purchased a green tutu and the fairy wings. She wore a lime green shirt backwards because it had an image on the front, which conveniently ended up covered by the wings. Under every she wore a white dance leotard and her Sunday tights. We were super lucky to have the perfect Tinkerbell shoes. White sandals with a big pom pom like flower on the tops. Perfect.

Smee: We lucked out with the easiest costume ever. Striped shirt, jeans and a red toque that was 10 sizes too large. With the hat being so large it turned into the perfect slouchy hat.Β  Not a penny spent. Ohhh yeah!


Wendy: I spoiled myself this year and bought a blue swing dress. Its perfect because it worked excellent for Wendy but now I can be fashionable year round. I added some blue ribbon around the waist and some in my hair.

Peter Pan: The day before Halloween I had a mini melt down. We did NOT have a costume for my husband. No green leggings!! How can you be Pan without leggings. I knew stores would be insane and I didn’t really want to go our shopping. My wonderful hubby calmly went to his closet and took out everything that was green. Tadaa! Magic. Everything he needed was in the closet. Well…. the hat was left over from my Value Village days when I dressed up as Robin Hood. The belt he wore was from my side of the closet but it was still from our closet.

Peter Pan was a huge success!


Now is the tricky part. What are we going to do next year?




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