Growing Up with Conference Review

There are some things in life that I absolutely adore. Things that are so important to me that I try very hard to pass their value onto my little’s. Now if you have kids you know that just because it is important to you that doesn’t mean that they will think the same as you. I wish it was easy but that is just not the way the cookie crumbles.

Two of my treasured times of the year are when General Conference is broadcasted. As a Christian, of the LDS denomination, April and October are extra special. During these conferences leaders of our church both male and female share words of wisdom to uplift and inspire us. I love it!!

Every six months I NEED an extra lift. I need to know that I’m not a complete failure. I need to know that God loves me. I need to feel the Holy Ghost. To know I am enough for my kids. I need help! I need help to be the Mom that my kids individually need. I need help to be a better wife for my husband. I need help to improve myself.  I need my kids to see that I am not perfect and that I am constantly striving to become better.

My home needs general conference!

This past October I tried a little extra hard to teach my kids about the apostles so that they would value their messages. Let me tell you. It worked!!

Watching Conference King Benjamin Umbrella

We had a wonderful conference experience. It was far from perfect but the kids were so excited to see familiar faces on TV. To get them excited I followed this list of 50+ activities to get to know the apostles.

Prior to conference weekend we enjoyed a whole week of activities filled with fun activities. I enjoyed learning more about the apostles lives but I know that in the upcoming years I would rather focus on the spiritual concepts that they teach instead of just the fun and goofy things that the apostles have done or still do.

This coming year will be even better though. I have discovered an amazing resource to help make conference prep easier. I am so excited to be able to share this with all my fabulous readers.

Growing up with General Conference

Growing Up with Conference: Practical Ways to Make General Conference Fun Year-round

Growing Up with Conference is filled with fun crafts, activities, Family Home Evening lessons and more. All in one spot!

Hello! Win, Win!

They have included so many different ideas but some of my favorites are:

Conference Countdown

Puzzle Blocks

Planting the Seeds of Conference

King Benjamin Tent’s

Conference Bags

I still have toddlers but there are plenty of great ideas for those of you with kids in primary or in the youth programs. I promise there is something for everyone here.

Your family can enjoy conference and make it a part of your regular lives.

Click image above to purchase your own copy.

I received a free copy to review, my opinions are my own.

**This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you purchase from one of the product links, I’ll receive compensation.**




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