Moving at Christmas!

December is generally a crazy time of year for people around the world. In our house we decided to make this year a little extra crazy. You know, for fun!

We moved!

That’s right. During our holidays we are packing up, moving, unpacking, celebrating Christmas and finishing renovations at our current place to get it ready for new renters. To say we are a bit crazy is an understatement.


In the end I am sure everything will turn out just fabulously. That is if I have any hair left!

Have you moved with little’s in tow? What were your secrets for success? You must have secrets.

Below are my top moving tips. I saved them just for you!

Leave some toys out. Let your kids pick a few toys that they want to play with while you pack. If you are lucky you might be able to persuade them to only keep items that fit in one box. You could even give them a box to fill with fun but everything that doesn’t fit gets packed. We ended up with a toy box and a book box. Not to shabby for three kids.

Give the kids a job. Kids love to be included especially when it isn’t convenient for you. Look around, what can your kids do? Can they push packed boxes from where you are to the stacking pile? Can they place towels in a bag? Can they help you label the boxes. I suggest using stickers.

Don’t be afraid of TV. Put on a favorite show so you can focus on packing with a little less distraction. Do not play one of your favorite movies. You will end up watching half of it before you realize time has flown by. One of the many hazards of moving during Christmas.

Pack an arrival bag. Perhaps you are more organized than myself but I knew that it would take me a few days to locate all of my things. In your arrival bag you will want pajamas, bedtime necessities (toothbrush, tooth paste, blanket, stuffies, book), fresh clothes and somethings to keep the kids entertained and fed. I packed enough for everyone to survive three days. Just as if we were headed on a nice relaxing weekend trip. The joke was on me though. Moving is not a walk in the park. I am anything but relaxed.

Find a good friend. I love my kids and I love having them around me but when people are coming in and out of houses quickly its best to find a place for the littles to play. We sent our kids to Grandmas house for the day. Do you know anyone in the area that your moving to? Call and ask if they can watch your littles or know a great sitter. If that is not an option designate an area for the kids to have fun while not being right in the middle of traffic.

Have a system. How will you know where all of the boxes are supposed to end up? You could write on each box what it contains but that’s a lot of writing. I used stickers. Not even exciting stickers, they were just large dots. I found these at the dollar store and wrote my own legend. Red – Kitchen, Blue – Office, Green – Upstairs, Yellow – Living Room. It still took me a bit to find what I was looking for but this system really lessened my frustrations.


Take a break! Packing is stressful for everyone. In my home, when I’m stressed the whole family feels it, tension rises and its not good. Don’t let the job to be done take over your every breath. Take time to read a book, snuggle your babe or play outside. Can you take a whole day off of packing. Do it! You will feel refreshed and be able to be more productive.

 Bonus tip for moving during the holidays!

Set up for your holiday traditions before the big move. This single tip saved Christmas for us. Our new home was within driving distance from our old place so we filled our van with Christmas décor and drove out on possession day. We spent our first day exploring our new home with the kids and setting up our Christmas tree. It was so relaxing and gave the kids time to meet the home before all of our things arrived. Moving day is an overwhelming day for everyone, even more so when your little.

After all the trucks were unloaded and all of the helping hands had ventured to their own homes we found Christmas even though boxes were everywhere. A little peace in amongst the chaos. We didn’t even miss place any presents.




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