Cara’s Kindness Book Review


As a parent I have sat down with my husband and discussed what our goals were for parenthood. What we wanted to unsure our kids understood and what kind of people we wanted to raise. When it came down to it our main goal was to raise kind individuals.

People that think of others needs and go out of their way to make a difference in the lives of those around them. Kindness makes a huge difference in day to day life and has the potential to transform various situations.

In Cara’s Kindness, Kristi Yamaguchi strives to show kids the importance of being kind. Kindness comes in many different forms and I love the variety that she wrote It can be as simple as sharing your snack, teaching someone a skill, helping someone when they are unable to help themselves or simply becoming a friend.


I quite enjoyed this book but some of the details are a little off putting for me.

I already shared our families goal of raising kind people. Some of our other goals are raising hard works and the importance of trying again and again. Success doesn’t come automatically and more often than not it takes a long time to master something.

In “Cara’s Kindness,” Cara is a figure skater that helps her friend learn how to skate. She taught him to get back up after to fall and to not give  up. That is great! However a few pages later, eight days later according to the book, the little friend scores a goal in the hockey championship game. I’m not a great skater but I have been on the ice many times. Learning how to skate, joining a hockey team and being chosen to play during the last period especially during a championship game takes more than eight days. I know I’m being picky but it just doesn’t sit well with me. Most people probably wouldn’t notice this flaw in the timeline but I did.

During the length of the book Cara is searching for the perfect song for her figure skating performance. I know how vital  the perfect song is to a performance. I, myself have spent many hours searching for a song that matches my choreography. In the book Cara is nervous before her performance but then a friend offers to play a special song he wrote for her on the piano. Now that is lovely. Not everyone has talented friends like that. In the end a piano magically appears on the ice for her friend to perform and the song matches her choreography perfectly. No need to practice or rehearse before her showcase performance.Hmmmm.

Over all the book was cute and showed that “Caring makes a big difference.”

After you read the book you can use Cara’s story to inspire some family fun.

The first thing that came to mind was going skating! Buy or borrow a set before you head down to your local rink. Many rinks also offer skates for rent if you don’t have your own pair. Just call beforehand to make sure that they offer the service. A a beginner  grab a pylon, skate trainer or a friend to help with balance. You might just find an activity that you love and something you can share with others.


You don’t have to get on ice to have fun like Cara does. Attend a figure skating performance or watch a hockey game. Live would be ideal but you can always find videos to watch on Youtube.


Make lunch and invite some of your friends over. You could even have your kids make their own PB&J sandwiches. PB&J is a great first meal for kids to prepare Stay close incase they need help but you might find yourself pleasantly surprised at how well they can make their own sandwich. Making a sandwich is such a simple task but for a kid it is an amazing responsibility. When I told Bee he was in charge of making PB Sandwiches for lunch he almost hit the ceiling. He was so proud of himself and I didn’t have to coax him into eating his lunch. Maybe this is one of the secrets for a successful meal.

Find your copy here.



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