Arctic Book List for your Little Readers

Baby, it is cold outside!

We are under lots of snow which was perfect for our week long study of the Arctic! We gathered up lots of great books and cuddled under a pile of blankets. Reading and snuggling is one of my favorite activities to do with my little’s.

Good books open up the doors of curiosity and exploration. Here are the books that we used during our Arctic study.

Arctic Book List

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I’m Just a Little Penguin

Since I have kids of various ages I always try and have a mixed of books so that we can read and learn together. That mean board books. If the board book has giant googly eyes then that’s even better.  I’m Just a Little Penguin is very cute and does a great job at introducing simple concepts. Some of my kids favorites were hatching from an egg, waddling and eating fish.

Penguins Love Colors

Dear Broccoli, you are my favorite penguin. The colors in this book are bright and vivid. I really liked it. Its not a realistic penguin book but so much fun. Great for introducing colors again and inspiring kids to create their own art work.

The Penguin that Hated the Cold

We love going to the library to find books to read but my Mom seriously still has an amazing collection of books. Ones that I grew up with. Maybe that makes me partial but it is so much fun sharing a bit of my childhood with my very own kids. Pablo, like myself, does not love the cold. Pablo finally manages to escape the freezing cold weather after trying many different strategies. My kids loved his ideas and a few of them had Bee’s eyes almost popping out of his noggin. Books that expand their mind are some of my favorites.

Snow Babies

Pictures galore! 22 different animals are featured, all that live in the snow. Adorable. After reading this book I just want to cuddle up with baby animals. Too bad that isn’t suggested.

Polar Babies

Two polar bear cubs and their big day. One takes on the day while the other bear wishes to snooze away the day. Polar Babies is an early reader book perfect for kids that are learning to read.

Mama, Do You Love Me

Most of our study revolved around Arctic animals and their habitat but we also were able to add a cultural book. We read “Mama, Do You Love Me.” This book introduced Inuit people and some of their cultural beliefs, new words along with bits of their lifestyle. It was cute and teaches that no matter what happens Mama will always love you. Even if Mama is upset or something unpleasant happens she will still love you.

The Magic School Bus In the Arctic

Magic School Bus is awesome! The whole series is fun and educational. Both the books and the TV series are done so well. Read the book, watch the show then why not be inspired to do an experiment.

Getting to Know: Nature’s Children

Penguins, Walruses and Polar Bears oh my! Nature’s Children is an awesome resource. Great pictures, lots of information and they answer questions. We didn’t sit down and read these books in entirety as they are quite detailed. Instead I read the questions in the front of the book and looked up the answers to the questions that sparked my kids interests. How do penguins build nest? How many eggs do they lay? How do walruses keep warm? How old do walruses get? How do Polar Bear cubs learn to swim and hunt? Great questions for kids of all ages. We will definitely be using these as a resource for years to come as they open many doors for further learning.

What book would you add to our Arctic collection? Share in the comments below.


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