The Intentional Bookshelf Review

In our home we love to read. We read in the kitchen during breakfast. We read in the living room snuggled up by the fireplace. We read in our beds. We read under tents. We read just about everywhere.

We love reading!

Before my first was born I knew that I wanted a home filled with books that inspired, transported and transformed my kids. What I didn’t know was what books I should add to my shelves. There are so many great options and alot of not so great ones. Starting from square I found myself completely overwhelmed. Have you been there too?

I wish I would have read “The Intentional Bookshelf” in the beginning. It would have helped me to get started off on the right foot.


In the Intentional Bookshelf, Sam shares a four step process to establishing the perfect bookshelf for your individual family. She asks you many questions to help you determine what you want your bookshelf to represent. Your opinion, values and personality determines what types of book you want to introduce to your little’s.

I really appreciated her insight and was able to look a little bit deeper at the books on our shelves. I had a couple of books that the kids thought were funny but I didn’t agree with some of the messages that they taught. I kept them for years but after reevaluating my values I was able to free them from my shelves. I feel so much better now. I don’t know why it took me so long.

Sam shared some amazing tips on how to organize your bookshelves so that you can not only locate the book you looking but you can do it quickly. Books, organized. That seemed like a foreign concept to me.

Your organization style will be different than mine but I wanted to share with you how we are making our shelves work for us. We are a home school family which almost directly translates into home surrounded with books. In our chosen education style we study individual themes. When we are learning about a theme we dive into books. We get alot of great books from our local library but the books we have at home are carefully chosen to help us expand our minds. When we follow our kids interests I rarely know where we will end up. When they have questions  I need to know where to send the kids now and quick. Hence why we organized our books into themes.

When my son asks, “What do Triceratops eat or how big they are?” I know to send him to our dinosaur books stat! Now he knows that when he has a Dino question he goes right to those books. Having our shelves organized has helped to foster his independence and love of learning. Its a win win for all of us.


You can find your copy on Amazon at The Intentional Bookshelf: Parent with Literature and Build Your Unique Child?s Perfect Little Library

This book doesn’t have a list of the exact books that you should add to your home because every household has different needs. On Sam’s Blog, Addison Reads, she shares books reviews that they read in their home. Check out her site and you might find some new favorites to add to your shelves.

Reading Toddlers

The Intentional Bookshelf has helped me decide what books I will use in our home to help turn my kids into little readers.

I received an advance copy to review the book, my opinions are my own.

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