What I Love About You!

As a wife I have been blessed with a wonderful hubby. He amazing but not really a talker. Its just not his thing. Sometimes that drives me crazy but its who he is.

A few years ago I was in a rough spot. You know, the one where your not sure how awesome you are or you can’t think of anything about yourself except the negative things that continuously pop into your mind. I was wallowing a bit. Stuck in self pity and a bad case of the bla’s. I was telling my husband all of the negative things about myself and he was so kind and honestly told me that I was lying to myself. That I was better than my mind was telling me. That I am loved. I didn’t have to be perfect to be loved and that I can be awesome without being perfect.

The next day during his lunch break he texted me a simple and sweet message. I don’t remember the exact message but it went like this. I love your _____. After I received the message I thought about thanking him for his kind words but instead I texted him back something that I loved about him.

Three years later and every lunch break I still get a message to pick me up and remind me that I am loved. It has made a huge difference for me. Now imagine how this would effect a child. Your child.


Enough about me and my sappy husband.

Kids need to know that they are loved. They need to feel it and believe that you are in their corner 100%. I know kids can be frustrating and make you want to hide in your pantry eating twizzlers. Even on the tough days you can find something awesome about each of your kids.

For Valentines this year we came up with a wonderful project for each member of our family.


First off I set up with a scissor activity. I traced hearts and had them cut out as many as they wanted.


After our hearts were cut out we laid 14 on a legal sized paper and glued them down.


Beside each heart I wrote a number. 1 – 14, as a countdown to Valentines day.

Each day I prompt the kids to tell me one thing they love about everyone in our family. Then I write their answers. I let the kids double up on things that they love about one another. The result has been that they love playing with each other on most days. My husband and I have also participated, no doubles allowed.

This exercise has been so tender. They really do love each other.

How do you help your kids to recognize the positive in one another? How do you help your kids love each other?



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