The Story Book Knight Review

“Mom, is that a lion?” My son shouted from the other room.

My four year old had discovered our newest book from Raincoast Books and he was hooked.

The answer is no, that’s not a lion. That my son is a griffin!!

In my home we have 2 boys and 1 girl. All of them are a bit princess crazy. I don’t mind it at all, in fact I love it. There are wonderful books and stories about Princesses that are entertaining, teach great values and stay with you from childhood well into adulthood. However the Prince and Knight scene is a little uninspiring. That was until we met The Storybook Knight.

His name, Leo. He is brave, intelligent, kind and a quick thinker among other wonderful traits.

I love him and so do my littles.

Leo knows that words are powerful and uses them to calm the various creatures that he encounters. He is obedient to his parents but finds a way to accomplish his task while also being true to himself. The lessons that they included are ones I strive to teach my kids at home. I am glad to have this mighty book to back me up. Even when it comes to cleaning up.

The Docherty’s did a great job at writing and illustrating this book. Every part of it is beautiful. The details in the drawings are wonderful, we spent quite a bit of time just look at the images and talking about what the kids saw.

Story Book Knight Book Review Illustration

When I add books to our collection there are a few things that I am looking for. Morals, beautiful imagery and captivating. I love reading to my kids and I want them to love books aswell. The Story Book Knight can be read over and over again without boredom taking over. I sat down and read this book with my kids twice, then again an hour later and another two  times before dinner. I loved it! When my husband got home I even read it to him. For real. He loved the story too and laughed at my dragon voice. The different characters are half of the fun.

Like always, I try and bring our books to life with activities.

You could easily pair this book with some knightly activities. Make your own armor or decorate a shield. Leo doesn’t actually fight in this book but I am certain he has swordsman skills.

We decided to be like Leo and match our books to character that we have around our home. A quest of sorts. We found Pooh Bear and read to him all about himself and the hunt for Hunny. The Piggies heard about their adventures building houses and which material makes the best homes. Dinosaurs and even bugs all got a story to help them feel better.

Story Book Knight Book Review Reading to the Rescue

My favorite time that books came to the rescue was at supper when one of my children did not want to eat peas. It wasn’t happening. My other kid saw the opportunity to quote some of LMNO Peas to help ease the tension. It worked! Magic! Peas suddenly started disappearing.

Leo is a hero. If he can rescue dinner time at my home imagine what he will do at your place.

Story Book Knight Book Review


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