Love Is All Around Canada Book Review

When I first received this book I thought it would be about Canada and how much we love our beautiful country. One read through and I quickly determined it was about Canadians. As a whole we are wonderful amazing people who open our hearts and homes to many.

“Love’s all around, if you just pay attention, in people and places too many to mention. Go look at the park, on the street, at the mall. You’ll see love all over. It’s big and it’s small!”

We make friends at parks, on buses and at schools. Doesn’t matter where you are, you might just meet a new friend. We see parents loving their kids. Puppy dogs with their best buddies. People exploring and loving our beautiful landscape. The list goes on and on.

One of my favorite pages was about a sports team and their crowd. It reminded me of a hockey game this year where the microphone cut out during the away teams national anthem. Without skipping a beat the crowd stepped in and sang the US National Anthem. You can watch it here. As a Canadian I was proud. Not many countries can honor another country in that manner but we could and we did. That’s just what we do. We love and we show it with our actions. Some actions are big and some are small but both are of great worth.

Wendi Silvano did a great job of taking the reader around our beautiful country, pointing out ways we can find love while showing highlights of our Country. Another thing that I especially loved was the last place we find love.

The last place Wendi choose to focus on was the home, where the love of your family is. Family and home should be the most important place. Its often where we learn to love and how to treat people along with many other valuable lessons. I know that the home I had growing up helped shaped me into the person I am today. The home atmosphere that my husband and I create will impact those who enter our home. Homes with love are a big deal!

If there is one thing I took away from this book it is that the love we have in our home will reach much further than I could possibly imagine. I know this is just a kids book but kids books can teach so much more than solely fun stuff. “Love is all around Canada,” could come off as just a stereotypical Canadian book but its a stereotype I am proud of and one I hope that we all strive for. Canadian or not the world can use a little bit more love.

Bring this wonderful book home today! Click the picture below to order your copy.

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