Back to School with Usborne Books

Back to School is always an exciting time of the year.

Whether your child is starting a new grade or starting school for the first time there are lots of wonderful things to look forward to. All of these new changes happen at once which is not an  easy transitiion especially if your child doesn’t know what to expect.

I found some amazing books to ease your kids into attending school, getting them excited to return, books that will inspire them to ask questions and dig a little bit deeper. Half the battle of getting your child to read is to find books that they are truly interested in. Below I have shared a bit of everything meaning there is something for everyone.

Seeing all of these books might be overwhelming. However I promise you choosing books to bring into your home this school year doesn’t have to be difficult. Choose a category that your kids fit into best, observe your kids to notice their strengths, weaknesses and interests. Once you know what they enjoy and what areas they need a bit of help in you can make wonderful book choices. I would love to answer any of your questions below!

Listen and Learn: Get Ready for School

Get Ready for School Sicker Book

Starting School Sticker Book

All You Need To Know Before You Start School

Going to School

Wild School

Sticker Dolly Dressing: Back to School

Wipe Clean 1, 2, 3

Wipe Clean Capital Letters

Wipe Clean First Pen Control

Lift the flap Telling Time

Alphabet Sticker Book

Look Inside your Body

New Phonics Readers

Phonic Readers

First Reading Level 1

Wipe Clean Phonics

Classics Retold

What is Poo?

What Makes it Rain?

Question and Answer

First Math Slide and See

Look Inside


See Inside

Beginner Books

I am here for you too. Leave me a comment here or find me on Facebook here so that I can help you find the perfect choice for your readers. Books are one of my favorite things so please don’t hesitate to ask for help.

Best of luck to your and your family during the next few weeks of back to school preparations and all of the wonderful new changes!


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