How to Personalize Notebooks for the Year

My kids are getting older and developing their own interests and opinions. I am so much in love with the people they are becoming but also in all the little things they are discovering.

I wanted a way to capture them at this stage. Their abilities, what they love and be able to watch them progress over time. I have seen so many amazing nature journals, regular journals and lap books but none of them were exactly what I was hoping for. Maybe I just didn’t want 10 books to keep track of and that’s a good enough reason for me.

What I decided to do instead was combine all of their journals/books into one notebook. We can draw, write and glue right into it. The kids can take it wherever we go and use it as they wish.

I choose these notebooks for few reasons. They have a blank space on the top half of the page for our drawing needs and extra wide lines for kids learning how to write on the bottom. They are the perfect size for little hands to carry around while we are out on adventures. They are just perfect for our needs.

We love studying by weekly themes so I will create an quick 1-2 page layout (mini lap book) that they can assemble and glue in as part of our lessons and something to look back on when they want a review.

I could have just used any old notebook but I really wanted to capture the kids personalities and their current favorites. I spent some 1:1 time with each of the kids and asked them a million questions while I was on the internet. I was searching for images of whatever their answers were. We were going to make a collage right on the front of their notebook.

Some of the pictures we printed off were: Individual pictures, what grade level they are in, favorite foods, favorite princess (yes my son has a favorite princess, it is Aurora), what do they play with and their favorite shows. You know all those little things that make them awesome.

I gave the kids their paper of favorite a pair of scissors, some glue and I stepped back.

Stepping away was not easy. I thought about cutting out all the images in advance and just let the kids glue the pictures how they wanted. That would have been fine but they love cutting things out and its wonderful practice for their fine motor skills. There were even somethings I was surprised at how they cut them out. I did occasionally help but the majority they handled themselves.

After the cutting was done the gluing began. This was actually quite eye opening for me. The kids process so differently and I often forget just how different they are. One just grabbed a picture and glued it on wherever, no problem. My son, however, gently placed each picture on his cover in a very linear and orderly manner. Making sure that all of his images fit just the way he wanted them too. Once the gluing began his pictures became a little more scattered but not random like my daughters.

Once the gluing was completed I used packing tape to seal the pictures down well and add a bit more stability to our notebook.

That’s it, that’s all.

Now we are set for many learning adventures this next year.

I’m curious though, how do you think your child would go about assembling their notebook? Drop me a comment below.


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