Exploring Turtles with Usborne Books

This week we are jumping into our turtle theme with both feet. Bee is crazy excited and Sweets likes anything and everything that he does. Needless to say the house is bubbling with excitement. I have chosen some activities and many books that I think they will love and keep their interest. Follow us on instagram to see our daily activities, read below for our book list.

No theme is complete without excellent books to answer questions and stir up more curiosity. These are some of the amazing books that we are using in our study.

We love encyclopedia’s!! Crazy, right? These books are amazing. Stunning image and information that grabs you and pulls you into wanting to know more. These are also internet linked so you can quickly and efficiently find more wonderful knowledge for your kids to feast on. Often we start reading about one animals which then leads us to learning about other species. For example our study of turtles lead us into searching for the predators that egg Sea Turtles eggs before they get into the ocean.








Young and beginning readers are so cute!! Sadly there isn’t a ton of information about turtles but these books were the perfect way to talk about habitats and other creatures that turtles interact with.



There is trouble under the Sea!! Quick, you better send your kids on an underwater adventure. They will solve puzzles, locate items and have tons of fun with stickers.

Get crafty!! Do you have a child that loves to paint or color? These two books are perfect for developing artists. Seriously, click on them to find more details.








Which books caught your eye? What books would you add to learn about turtles?


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