Unreal Halloween Treats Review

Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year I absolutely adore it. The fun, tricks and obviously the CANDY!!

I know, I know. Trick or treating is for kids but lets be real I eat my fair share and buy extra candy to give out. It would be a shame to run out so I really do my best to have a full stash for the kids.

Have you ever read the ingredient lists on regular brand name candy? For a long time I had no idea what was added to a variety of food.

Recently it was discovered that one of my nephews is allergic to red food dye. Since then I have been extra diligent with reading labels. Did you know basically everything has red food coloring? I did not. Seriously I found red dye in a package of noodles. You really have to watch carefully. My eyes have been open now and it makes me quite uneasy.

With Unreal Candy I didn’t have to worry about dye because they are colored with vegetables. Yeah!! That’s right. Natural food coloring. That is something I can get behind. Seriously, look at the gorgeous colors of Unreal’s Candy when compared to Smarties.

Unreal Vs Smartie

Does your family have other dietary needs? Maybe you are trying to fill your body with the best food but you still have a sweet tooth. Guys, Unreal is for you!

Unreal is non-GMO, vegan, gluten free, free trade, organic and nothing artificial. All that packed into a sweet treat. Amazing!!

I’m not going to lie but I was a tad skeptical. I doubted that I would like Unreal more than Reese Cups but I was completely wrong. Unreal’s peanut butter is amazingly smooth! If your looking for a twist on the classic peanut butter cup then the crispy version is what you need to try. I ate way to much this last week but they were so good.

Unreal Peanut Butter Cups

We had so much fun and loved sharing these treats with other families. My nephew was especially excited to find candies that he can enjoy while his siblings munch on candy too. You can find more information about these candies at getunreal.com.

Unreal Halloween Treats Review

We received these products from Tryazon and Unreal in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.


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