Halloween Reads with Usborne Books

Halloween is my favorite time of the year. I love it all. The costumes, the activities, the goofiness and the stories!! AHHH! I just love it.

This year my kids were extra spoiled. I bought us a ton of new Usborne Books just for the season. Let me tell you they did not disappoint either. My kids went crazy for the monster stories and the activties/games that we bought. We didn’t get into any spooky stories but we will in a couple more years. If you kids are  little like mine there are plenty of fun Halloween books and for the older kids there are amazing classics for them to enjoy. I can’t wait til we are at the stage. Just a couple more years until we will be diving into more Halloween stories.

I first wanted to share some of Usborne’s Make and Do books. As you already know we do alot of activities. These were such a hit!! I especially loved the 50 Spooky Things to Make and Do Activity Cards because I could pick out the activities that I knew I had all the supplies and let the kids pick from a stack.They loved it too, I tricked them into thinking they actually chose our activity. Muahaha!!


These are the Young Readers that I cannot wait to read!! Usborne suggests these books for kids around 8 so II have about 3 years left but you, you might be able to read these with your cuties pies. There are different versions of most of these books aswell so if you are leaning towards Frankenstein, or something else, jump on my site and pick which one would be the best fit.











Kids love stickers!!! They almost appear to have some sort of magic that  sucks in their attention. I’m not  saying that’s a bad thing in fact its awesome when I cant find something to successfully distract the kiddos so I can be productive every once in a while. Usborne has done an incredible job of making some sticker books more fun and others more creepy and scary. There is something for everyone in this collection.






















I didn’t even get to share all of the wonderful books that are perfect for Halloween. Before I jump off  I wanted to quickly share our favorite Thats Not My ….. and a Young Reader.


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