Halloween Eye Sensory Bin

Eye balls are a very typical Halloween manipulative and I get it. They are so fun!! Googly or the round ping pong style eyes are tons of fun. This year I set the kids up with a fun and engaging sensory bin for all three kids!! Huge win there. Usually I can make a bin appropriate for two kids but three is a home run.

I especially loved how easy this bin was to put together. All I needed was some hollow tubing and googly eyes. The hollow tubing comes in long strands, typically used for making wreaths. The long strands weren’t going to work with my idea so I just cut them up into 1- 2 inch pieces. I threw googly eyes on top and added some containers and tools for the kids. Chazam! Bin, done!

The tubing is especially fun. As you can see below, they stretch just enough for fingers to slide in. They become almost like a Chinese Finger trap, easy to get your finger in but tricky to get your finger out.

The containers and tools that I included were perfect for fine motor development. Tiger practiced using a spoon and just simply picking up eyes and putting them into containers.

The eye balls weren’t the only fun thing to play with. The hollow tubing was a blast for the little’s. It very well might be one of my new favorite sensory bases.

Sweets variation on this activity was color sorting. I had her separate the green, purple and orange eyes. Sometimes she used tools and occasionally just her fingers. Either way she did incredible at sorting colors.

Bee is a little bit more advance being nearly 5 years old. He sorted by size. Small, Medium and Large. It was a little tricky because the medium could easily be mistaken for being large or small. Once we laid them on the table to compare sizes the sorting became much easier.


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