Remembrance Day Books with Usborne

Remembrance Day is a special day. A day of remembrance. Remembering the sacrifice, courage and bravery of those that went before us. A time to be grateful. We have been blessed with our freedoms and safety. We have much to thank the soldiers of the past for.

What would your life look like without the sacrifice of others?

Honestly, I don’t like thinking about the what if’s, I try and focus on gratitude instead.

Introducing war can be a tough concept to address with kids. At least it is for me.

I want them to know how blessed we are, who we need to thank but I also don’t want to scare them. I want them to know that war is serious but I don’t want them having nightmares or worrying that Daddy is going to go have to leave us. I want my kids to know that their are people that serve their country currently and that it takes alot of bravery, courage and sacrifice to do the things they do. I want them to know about weapons, how they are not toys but they are needed sometimes. I want them to know about the many advancements made during war times without worrying about what will be invented next. I want them to know that there is evil out there but that there are always helpers to be found.

I want my kids to know that they can be those helpers. They can have courage and overcome challenges. They can be brave when things seem impossible.

So many thoughts run through my mind the beginning of November, every year. I hope to find a balance while I conquer this topic. Luckily I have found some resources to help me out. Hopefully these will also help you tackle this subject.

Books for 5+


Books for 6+

Books for 7+

Books for 8+

Books for  9+

Usborne has so many resources to teach your kids or students about the Wars, people, equipment and what went on behind the scenes. I love that they have many different types of books available to address the war. Sticker books, drawing, picture books and internet linked. You can really chooses books that will cater to your audience in a way that they will be fully engaged. You can learn as much as you want or focus on just introducing concepts. I didn’t share all of the books available but I did want to share some excellent books for each age group.

You know your kids best. If you are like me and want to introduce this topic but are treading a tad lightly then maybe you want to go down a level or two. If you follow the link you can see a few pages inside each book or send me a message or comment for more information. I would love to help you be successful in tackling this subject.


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