Top 10 Board Games for Toddlers

Kids love games!! Toddlers and games can be tricky. They like to run, jump, swing their arms around and they often lack focus. What on earth are you supposed to play? I have some excellent ideas that are perfect for family nights, birthday gifts or even Christmas.

Sneaky Snacky Squirrel

All my kids love this game! The Sneaky Snacky Squirrel is awesome at developing fine motor skills, sorting and color matching. It is simple enough that your kid can play it independently or multiplayer. The acorns are small, be careful when your playing with kids that still put everything in their mouth.

Hi Ho Cherry-O

Collect a basket full of cherries before he bird gets them. Hi Ho Cherry-O is a spinning game that helps with kids counting abilities.

Hoot Owl Hoot

Move your owls around the colored game board before the sun rises.

Race to the Treasure

Work together to build a path, collect keys to open the treasure before the Ogre wins! This is a cooperative game making everyone work and strategize together.

Chutes and Ladders

Race to the end of the board but beware where you land. You might end up going down on a slide or if your lucky you could find a ladder and go up.

Count Your Chickens

Oh no!! All the baby chicks escaped. Help gather the chicks by using the spinner and counting the number of chickens. Take turns but work together to make sure they all make it back to the coop.


You can match just about anything. I know its not a board game but recently my kids have loved matching their socks. Hello, win for me. You can buy so many different picture sets choose whatever matches your kids interests. Spread the cards out on the table and take turns flipping over two cards in search for the matching set.

Spot It Jr

Spot It is very similar to matching. Spot it is a racing game, I suppose you could take turns if you. There are 30 different tiles with different images on each one. You need to find a similar image on your tile and lay it on the pile before someone beat you to it.

Candy Land

Take your characters on an adventure to get to King Kandy’s Castle. Depending on the version of the game you own you will either draw a card or spin a spinner to find out which color you need to move to next. Along the way you might be sent to various locations. Candy land is great for color recognition and teaching kids to follow directions.

Busy Busy Airport

You are the pilot!! Gather up all of your passengers and collect souvenirs from around the world (room). Player that collects the most souvenirs and returns them to the airport wins!!


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