Top 10 Games for Preschoolers

Preschoolers are mini sponges! Soaking up learning and skills in every direction that they turn. The tricky this is keeping those minds busy and letting them explore and play. Games are quickly becoming our kids favorite activities. They are also growing up and getting to the stage where they can play some games without supervision. They still need the occasional direction and assistance but they can entertain themselves independently.


Such a classic game! Match the colors or match the numbers. Pick up cards and discard. First person to get rid of their pile wins. Those are the original rules. Now, if you give a preschooler free-rein they might start sorting the cards into different piles. At first you might not think that they are learning but sorting is a huge skill that preschoolers  need to master.

Sneaky Snacky Squirrel

All my kids love this game! The Sneaky Snacky Squirrel is awesome at developing fine motor skills, sorting and color matching. It is simple enough that your kid can play it independently or multiplayer. The acorns are small, be careful when your playing with kids that still put everything in their mouth.


Sorry is a great way to introduce strategy to early players. In Sorry, your tokens travel around the baord, trying to make it all the way around. All the other players are trying to do the same thing. Occasionally an opponents token will land on your sending it back to the beginning. Eek! Your child will have to determine which tokens they want to move when. Are they going to focus on getting one token all the way around or is there strength in numbers.


This game is perfect for your little puzzlers! Each player is racing to finish their puzzles. You assemble your puzzles by drawing cards of your completed picture. The real challenge is that other players can remove your pieces depending on the direction card that they draw.


You can buy so many different picture sets; choose whatever matches your kids interests. Spread the cards out on the table and take turns flipping over two cards in search for the matching set.


The options are endless with these. Teach your kids to match the dots on the tiles. Teach different versions of the Dominoes – Mexican Train, Chicken Foot, etc. Let the kids stack them up and knock them over or build walls. They will learn so much and have tons of fun.


Match your tile by color or shape in a line, no duplicates. You get points based on how many tiles are in the line you add to.

Buck Buck Mouse

Deal the cards, face up, individually to each player. A picture of Buck requires no action. If its a moose then players race to slap the colored decks of cards. First person gets a card, player with the most cards at the end is the winner!!

Color Code

Color Code is an individual logic game. The game consists of different tiles that need to be layered in a specific way to create a pattern. It comes with a books of patterns to make that are of varying difficulties.

The Three Little Pigs

Keep the Three Pigs safe from the big bad wolf! There are many challenges for your kids to complete by logically fitting the houses over top of the pigs. Some challenges involve the wolf and other just include the pigs, perfect for different levels of abilities.


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