Holiday Gifts for Your Little Chef

One activity that has truly stood the test of time is playing in the kitchen!!

Yes, you can buy play kitchens but a pot and wooden spoon in the cupboard is almost as fun.

Kids love to mimic things that they see adults do regularly. That probably contributes to the love of kitchens, that and food. Kids love food. Mine can’t seem to get enough of it. As kids get older you can help encourage them to get involved in the kitchen. You can teach them valuable skills that will benefit your family and them in the long term. I have included some of our favorite kitchen inspired toys and equipment to help kids of all ages be included.

Cutting Food

I wouldn’t give a toddler a real knife and food to chop up but these sets are perfect for introducing the skills needed to cut. Put these in the kids play kitchen or use them along side your own cooking preparations. Before you know it you will have trained mini helpers.

Cookie Cutters

Cookies!! Of course you will need these. I love have a variety of cookie cutters in our home and the kids love making shapes with them. You can even find awesome cookie making sets. Throw in some ingredients and you have a fun afternoon ready to go!

Recipe Books

Give your chef a recipe book all of their own. They can learn how to cook many simple recipes and even try new things. The sky is the limit when you let your kids explore and experiment in the kitchen.


Complete the kitchen experience with the perfect accessories. Apron, Hat and Oven mitts! You need them all to be successful in the kitchen. Okay, not really but they sure are fun for kids.


Giving your kid a knife is nerve wracking. Its a big deal! That’s why I suggest having these in your kitchen. They can practice their cutting and peeling skills with you close by. These are perfect for helping your littles gain more independence and confidence in the kitchen.

Baking Sets

Spoons, bowls, measuring cups and timers are all excellent for young cooks. There are so many awesome sets that you can find that will appeal to kids. Bright colors and large handles are wonderful. Below are a few of the ones I love but look around. If your kids love cupcakes then the second one would be a great fit. If they prefer chopping and prepping for cooking then get bowls and different utensils. There are so many options.

Have tons of fun and enjoy every moment. Even when you end up covered in flour and taste the newest creation that has much too much salt. Let your home become full of experiments and creativity. Before you know it you might even get treated to breakfast in bed.


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