5 Books to Help You Talk About Babies With Your Kids

Currently I am 36 weeks pregnant. The last few months, especially the last few weeks, I have had a ton of questions about babies from my kids. My oldest is almost 5, right in the middle of the million question phase. I wanted to answer his questions but I also wanted to handle them appropriately.

I was nervous.

I wanted to be honest with my kids. I most definitely wasn’t going to make up a story about a stork bringing the baby to our door but where was the line. Well… that lead me to telling them the truth, not the whole A-Z truth but the honest to goodness truth.

We love reading as a family so naturally I found books to help me answer the many many questions that came my way. Having these books helped provide me with direction while also helping me relax and focus on what my kids were really asking. They didn’t want to know everything but they did need an answer.

Here are the books that we used!

Before you read these with your kids I suggest taking sometime to read them yourself to make sure you know what the books introduce but also so you can make sure that you are comfortable with the content.

Usborne First Experiences: The New Baby

This is the perfect book to introduce your kids to the concept of bringing a baby home. It doesn’t go into any details but it does give the kids a step by step of what will happen from their perspective.

You must get ready for the baby, set up a place for them to sleep, get some clothes and other supplies. Family might come into town to spend some special time with you while their parents are at the hospital. The baby is born at a hospital with Doctors and Nurses there to help. They can visit their new sibling and soon the baby will come home. Babies eat and sleep alot but they will still have lots of fun together.

I absolutely loved it for my three year old! It was just enough to include her in the situation so that she knows what to expect and how she can anticipate this big change.

There is also a Sticker Book!!

Where Do Babies Come From?

Are your kids ready for a bit more information. This one is awesome. Many different babies are discussed and many different things about them aswell. I really loved how they pointed out the difference between various species. Animals like turtles don’t stick around and raise their young. Penguins, male penguins, sit on their eggs to keep them warm. Kangaroos carry their joey’s in pouches after they are born. Frogs start as eggs then grow into tadpoles finally turning into frogs. The flaps and pictures are perfect for engaging young learners. I would suggest this book for kids around 3 years old. Younger can definitely be listen to this book but around 3 they will be able to understand more of the concepts.

How Are Babies Made?

How babies are made gives much more information. Not too much, in my opinion, but of course preread it to make sure you are comfortable with its contents. I read it to my son who is almost 5 and it was just enough. It answered his questions and shared a little bit of detail but was appropriate the whole time. This book does talk about sperm and eggs meeting to create a baby but that’s as far as it goes. We have talked about other animals and how they procreate so this wasn’t a shock here but it is something to be aware of.

The Facts of Life

Are you ready to really jump into all the life entails? I really do think this book is a must for homes with kids 8 and up. I know that sounds early but I would rather discuss sensitive topics with my kids instead of them coming home with false information and confusion. The Facts of Life is so much more than babies. Learn about puberty, hygiene, how your body grows, sex, contraception, drugs and healthy eating among many other topics. There is also an awesome section that tells kids what to do with a baby when its crying, how to run a bath and or how to put a baby to sleep. Yes!! Kids need to know this. Even if your not ready to dive into every section of this book this section on baby care is perfect for teaching your kids how to babysit. I love how this book is separated into categories so if you only want to read a section then you can. It also makes a great reference book. Say you need to have the period discussion, grab this book and you can flip right to it at a moments notice.

There are so many topics that we as parents need to face. Head on or not, but they come. I highly suggest finding some books to help you face various situations that you can refer to. You need resources especially when you are unsure how to handle a topic. I hope that the books I shared above will help you feel more confident and ready to tackle questions whenever they come.

You can do this!!


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